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    Sandy Bridge vsNehalem vsBulldozer vs Piledriver

    Detailed review here REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS:- Winzip extract: Winzip compress: Adobe photoshop CS2: GAMES:- Crysis 2: Stalker clear sky: Syndicate: Serious sam 3: Portal 2: Homefront:
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    Thermaltake smart 550w vs Coolermaster Gx550w

    Which one is better? Considering the gx one is 20dollar cheaper here.
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    dirt3 splitscreen... help plz

    I want too much to play dirt3 at splitscreen. But how? I bought a gamepad only for it(~200rupi equivalent). It is of not so known and cheap A4TECH brand.it is my first gamepad . After plugging, the win7-32 bit OS can detect it (installed driver successfully)but the dirt3 can't. ANY WAY TO...
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    Which 6850?

    I want to buy a 6850 or equivalent gpu,my choice was, Newegg.com - ProductList any of them.but, i saw that the oc version has different type of voltage regulator so no volt mod was possible,and with stock volt it touched ~870mhz hardly or less.i saw it in benchmarkreview.com. Is that true...
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    Any good emulator

    Guys, i have no consoles.but wanna play console exclusive games gow,uncharted 2 .but don't wanna buy a whole console for those 2(still ,but who knows about future).can any one please suggest me a good free working emulator?thanx in advance.
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