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    Urgent Help Requested! How 2 delete 'deleted' files?

    those files are not consuming any space on ur HDD ... bcz to ur operating system currently those locations are FREE .. so it'll always treat that space as free space & will overwrite write the information so dunt be much bothered about those files ... recover whichever U want to & leave the rest...
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    Which audio player do you use?

    FOOBAR 2000 ... for everything! that other player doesn't posess & can never do it!
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    Had anyone tryed Microsoft Plus! ?

    i liked the mp3 >> wma converter! .. saves a lot of space!
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    few little queries about console options!

    plzz somebody respond! its urgent!
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    few little queries about console options!

    THanks! Vishal ... but abt the disk space i need it for XP .... newayzz thanks! for ur solutions ..
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    few little queries about console options!

    hi all, can U plzz tell me how to check the disk space of each drive individually through console i mean at command.exe .... & one more .... when we run any batch file .. there is a console window which gets displayed .. can we hide that window from being displayed while the batch...
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    windows xp reinstall

    infact kalpik is right! so there is no need to panic just do the reinstallation of XP ..
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    How to change my e-mail add ??

    :oops: U asked tooooooo much infact with this so small question .... The BEST solution to ur problem is create the account whichever U want to .. U cant rename :evil: ur account address .... & for ur information .... i guess now there is a feeble probability for U left to get the...
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    Is it a virus?

    might well be! .... better if U remove it from ur ID! mails
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    Installing WinXPPro on a SATA HDD

    debopriyo urs is SiS chipset as U have said .. so i'm not much sure of which driver will help ya exactly ... U can use the brute force method .. try them all one by one! .... whichever does ur part of work .... keep it! for future! ... & rest others.... mates XP doesnt recognise SATA &...
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    Installing WinXPPro on a SATA HDD

    i'm sorry! but i believe U need a floppy diskette with the SATA HDD driver ... XP doesnt recognise SATA .... & neither there is ne option for CD boot!
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    XP Shut-Down my PC

    hi, If tht error msg says sth abt .. RPC problem then U can easily stop the shutdown ... type "services.msc" at RUN ..... & in the big list opened search for the option RPC ... & then double-click on it .... go to the recovery tab ... & here U will find three error options .. there U select...
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    user accounts

    right click on the start button of the XP ..... click "properties" .. tab to "Start Menu" ... & select "classic menu" .....
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    hijack this file fix pls!

    no ur log is clean! ... & plzz take this advicce ..... NORTON SUCKS Big TIME :twisted: .... it is a resource hogger (thx to theraven) .... plzz install some other anti-virus like Pc-cillin or some freeware like zone-alarm ,,,, Avast ... & then post back ur results .. ur log is fine! :D no probs...
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    plzz help here fast! .. i've to leave in next 30 minutes

    hi, mates tell me wat shd i do ... i'm suffering from a very idiotic thing.. its like ... an old compaq PC earlier it had .... windows ME .. then weird thing .. few very intelligent fellows .. formattted the system somehow .. by booting through A:\ .... & i typed fdisk /mbr .. & now i've...
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    plzz help me!! its very urgent!!!!

    no! people this is no virus or spywares .... I've my anti-virus updated .... & scanned it many times ... I've checked my log .. nothing like spywares over there!! .... I believe this is some .....H/W problem ... & for this thing to confirm abt the viruses .. i installed my XP integrated SP2...
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    plzz help me!! its very urgent!!!!

    hi, people now i need ur opinions urgently on this matter before it gets too serious .... now-a-days everytime i play Quake III on my computer.. it hangs in between .. sometimes it get restarted & sometimes if I'm lucky enough then i get it closed through task manager ...... & even after...
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    (SDRAM or DDR) advice me plzzz

    sagsall4u well there is nothing! ..... like ripping over here! i checked my MOBO box cover today & it says tht it supports .. 133 MHz DDR SDRAM & i have tht only .. so i did say U swayed into emotions too much here! ! ... Thanks! a lot fellas...
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    password recovery

    I'M SORRY! but U can forget abt tht file!!! Or try as hard as U can to remember back the password .. U cant get back the file .& their is no way to get the lost password which is so encrypted! I'm SORRY! it cant be helped! :(
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