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  1. koolbuddy92


    There's this ringtone which I really like, and I wanted the whole song. But the problem is I can't find it. The site from where I downloaded the ringtone claims it to be an NFS Carbon soundtrack, but I've checked all of'em and none matches it. Here's a link to the ringtone: Nfs_Carbon.mp3...
  2. koolbuddy92

    Unable to open .jar file in Nokia

    I recently upgraded my Nokia 6303 Classic's firmware from 8.XX (don't remember the exact version) to 10.12 using Nokia Software Updater. Since then, I'm not able to open to open a game (PES 2011) which used to work before the upgrade. The error says "Invalid Application". Other games which are...
  3. koolbuddy92

    All Graphic-Designers/Photo-manipulators here

    Hello everyone, Here, you can put your works on display (kindly use online media hosting sites and post links here). Feel free to put your queries, post links to your favorite online tutorials. Kindly mention the credits in your posts wherever necessary. Here, are my best Photoshopped...
  4. koolbuddy92

    Making a gradient in PS so that it follows path.

    Hello everybody. I've got this query regarding Photoshop. Just like one can create a text which follows a certain path, similarly, is there a way through which i can make a gradient which follows a path ? I know many of you would suggest the "Shape Burst" gradient type. But that doesn't...
  5. koolbuddy92

    Internet explorer not opening

    I have a problem with IE 6 (the one that comes pre-installed with xp). Whenever I click on its icon, it shows me the following error message : C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe is not a valid Win32 application. Actually I don't really have much problem with that b'coz I...
  6. koolbuddy92

    Digital P&S camera under Rs.7000

    I've decided to buy a digital camera under Rs.7000 After going through a few digit issues, I chose Samsung ES55 out of the list. Is it worth the money? Please help by providing your suggestions. I can extend the budget to a maximum of Rs.7500.
  7. koolbuddy92

    Problem in CS3 due to monitor..

    I recently purchased a samsung lcd monitor. Whenever I open Photoshop, a message pops up saying :- "The monitor profile "Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM" appears to be defective. Please rerun your monitor calibration software." There are 2 buttons - "Ignore Profile" and "Use...
  8. koolbuddy92

    How to save history states in photoshop ?

    I'm a newbie in photoshop.. I'm using CS3. Whenever I open a .psd document, there are no history states (I mean the history of my previous session on that same document):sad:.. Pls suggest a way to save my previous history states..
  9. koolbuddy92

    Anyone playing Klueless 5 ?

    Hi everyone... Here you can discuss hints for Klueless 5. Its a nice puzzle game, if you still haven't played it, go to http://www.ahvan.in/ahvan/klueless5/ Please avoid providing explicit hints as it ruins the fun.... ---------- Post added at 10:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:08...
  10. koolbuddy92

    Performance difference b/w paid and free AV..

    Hi everyone.. I wanted to know the difference in performance provided by paid and free antiviruses.. I've heard that the only difference is that the free one's don't give real time protection (so basically you won't know if certain virus attacks the pc and can only be removed by scanning the...
  11. koolbuddy92

    Best mailing service

    Hey guys and gals... which mailing service is the best according to you..? Also tell the reason.. Well I like gmail... and the reason...:-| well no reason actually... maybe coz I'm using it for so many years...
  12. koolbuddy92

    Buying a pmp.. plz suggest..

    I'm planning to buy a pmp within a budget of 3.5k Please help me choose one.. video support isn't necessary (well i think i won't get that in such a price either:lol:) should support a number of formats. And should also have fm radio. (so plz don't say ipod shuffle)
  13. koolbuddy92

    Monitor flickering and clicking sound

    Whenever I start my pc, the monitor produces 2-3 flickerings with a clicking sound. I have an IBM E54 CRT monitor. On the startup, it used to show the bios name and other stuff but now it directly shows windows loading... looks like the moniter gets activated after a delay of 2-3 sec. on the...
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