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    Need help in upgrading my PC

    Friends. Its been a while, i have visited the forum. This is the best place for me when i need a real suggestion.* Coming to the request, I have purchased my PC in Jan 2011. My signature is the config. Now, I want a good suggestion of what all should I minimum upgrade in my PC to make it...

    APC BACK UPS RS 600 strange problem

    friends suggestions required. my ups gives a backup of max 1 min on power failure. pc switches off on even minor power fluctuation. Yesterday on a fluctuations the pc switched off and the ups behaved very strangely. the power (LED) button started flickering very rapidly with a sound like...

    how to disassemble logitech mk 320 keyboard

    recently my keyboard is behaving strange causing lot of discomfort. on pressing v calculator opens. pressing del doesn't delete and instead prints ]. shift acts as alt+tab. q prints as 0q and sometimes nothing. ctrl sometimes doesn't work. I did everything to solve this like changing...

    Help required. urgent.

    hello all. people please help me. please download Age of Empire game onto your android device and install it. it is a 17 mb game. it asks you a code upon installation. please enter 5419993290. this is my code.Both you and I get 5 gold coins in the game. i am in urgent requirement of gold. the...

    PCI-E 6 PIN Connector connected into EPS 8 PIN. Help needed.

    Friends. I dont have much knowledge about connections. Yesterday i thought of cleaning my pc. I opened the cabinet and all the connections for cleaning the dust out. (i think i exactly remember all the connections how they were. One 24 pin, one 6 pin into 8 pin plot, one 6 pin for graphics.) i...

    Usb3 sata6 amd mobo required. Very urgen.

    friends one more thread cause its really urgent. usb3 and sata6 featyred mother board required. gigabyte ga 880gma ud2h not available. so tell some alternate amd motherboard with price range 4500 to 5200rs. its really urgent.:| i am from vizag and here the system is the shopkeepers bring...

    Bluetooth dongle compatibilty

    hello friends. And good morning to all. 1. I am going to buy a logitech mk320 keyboard and mouse combo. I get a small dongle for it. 2. I also want to connect my mobile to the pc with bluetooth for internet and data transfer. Now my doubt is can i use the bluetooth dongle provided with the...

    Online shopping

    Hi everybody I have got a lot of doubts regarding online purchasing. Please clear them. First this is my configuration AMD P2 X4 955 BE GIGABYTE GA 880GMA UD2H SAPPHIRE HD 6850 TOXIC EDITION CORSAIR XMS 2X2GB 1333 SEAGATE 1TB CORSAIR VX450 ANTEC 300 APC BACK UPS 800VA LG 22X...

    suggest amd and intel multi purpose pc

    Hi friends. This is my first post. Please suggest me a multi purpose system. Purpose is to play games at full settings at 1680x1050, web designing, some animation practice, photoshop, editing etc. No crossfire sli planning. A motherboard with usb3 and sata3 is desired. A quad core...
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