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  1. dark_king

    the Samsung Galaxy R discussion/troubleshooting thread

    any one with 2.3.5 can say how much is the battery life its showing
  2. dark_king

    This Guy Definitely Has More CPUs Than You Do

    dude realy thanks for this post .... now he is one of my HEROS
  3. dark_king

    What is the customer rights while buying DATA Cards ?

    For i phone u have to sign a contract for some time . But for these devices there is no such term period . that mean is a user buys a device and wishes to discontinue the service after one month then how will you can say the company can get profit from them . Not only BSNL also RELIANCE , TATA...
  4. dark_king

    What is the customer rights while buying DATA Cards ?

    Hello to all the Members of think digit family . I know all the user of think digit family are well known of teck knowledge . So i am asking one question to all the members and hoping replays from all the members . We all know that there are many service providers who provides data card and...
  5. dark_king

    superman [Pic]

    wow.. is it real .. what ever it is its really great
  6. dark_king

    Mapping site Bhuvan launched

    As always Indian F**king gov site sucks . really man i dont understand google and wiki can create whole world's map in such a detail while and these F**king people cant even make only India map in detail and they said u can see house detail. i am from Bhubaneswar, Orissa ,India . and i am...
  7. dark_king

    Mapping site Bhuvan launched

    address not found
  8. dark_king

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    This offer is valid upto 31-7-2009
  9. dark_king

    3G services inaugurated in India

    Airtel has 3G service in srilanka . there it called Airtel lanka . Rs. 0.01 (1 Cent) Per KB will be applicable when using GPRS/3.5 G Data service. hope it wont be costly in india . source
  10. dark_king

    Send Free SMS upto 440 Characters Long [India Only]

    thanks.... if it will work :D
  11. dark_king

    Indian won rapidshare lottery

    ^^ yes bro . thats really strange .... i dont even think any girls will sit infront of computer for upload or download .. well now u know women empowerment is not a joke :D
  12. dark_king

    Why do People upload torrents ?????

    i think when people found some thing on torrent what they want . they feel like to share it with others so anther needy person can also get it.
  13. dark_king

    Indian won rapidshare lottery

    Srishti A. from India is the lucky winner of our RapidShare Lottery. COO Bobby Chang will personally congratulate the 19-year-old and present her with the 50.000 EUR at the beginning of July. Pictures and more information will be published here. source
  14. dark_king

    HA HA HA... Amazing Answers.... :D

    ha.ha ha..... मैं अपनी हँसी नहीं रोक सकता
  15. dark_king

    BSNL online directory unsafe?

    only karnataka region bsnl websites r affected or so.. other states sites r working fine...
  16. dark_king

    3G services inaugurated in India

    @gxsaurav is fring working on ur mobile !! i mean can u make call from ur mobile without connecting it to computer ! what is the ip type ? is it public or private like EVDO . can u tell me how much KB is used to call a google user for 1 min from fring ... -----------------------------------------
  17. dark_king

    3G services inaugurated in India

    there is nothing wrong with BSNL . the price is high because BSNL and MTNL has not been paid any thing for the spectrum . According to the agreement spectrum has not been allotted to any operator , so when ever the any one will buy it that time BSNL and MTNL has to pay 1.5 times more than that...
  18. dark_king

    3G services inaugurated in India

    i am getting 3G signal here in Bhubaneswar ,Orissa . But it will be lunched in 1 week as for they say ... There is a easy way to check weather 3G is in ur city or not .i used it for my self on my N82 . Those who have 3G enabled handset they can search the network selection in manual mode . And...
  19. dark_king

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    ya i use usb cable always and my longest online time for evdo is 6 days . but still no problem . usually i just restart my laptop in 2 days . rather than that its always online except powercut :P
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