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  1. koolbuddy92


    There's this ringtone which I really like, and I wanted the whole song. But the problem is I can't find it. The site from where I downloaded the ringtone claims it to be an NFS Carbon soundtrack, but I've checked all of'em and none matches it. Here's a link to the ringtone: Nfs_Carbon.mp3...
  2. koolbuddy92

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    ^^ +3 Sky High - Wiz Khalifa Deuces (Remix) - Chris brown Kickstarts (Dubstep mix) - Example
  3. koolbuddy92

    Unable to open .jar file in Nokia

    Thank you everybody for helping :smile: Re-downloaded the game from a website and now its working properly. :hyper: The file must have gone corrupted after the upgrade somehow. (Rejoice boring lectures :mrgreen: )
  4. koolbuddy92

    Unable to open .jar file in Nokia

    Thanks for replying, but i didn't get why would someone require a Java emulator on mobile if it already supports java games. But anyway, I'll send the game to another mobile and try to run it.. Actually 2 of my friends already have the game (the same file taken from me earlier), since we play...
  5. koolbuddy92

    Unable to open .jar file in Nokia

    I recently upgraded my Nokia 6303 Classic's firmware from 8.XX (don't remember the exact version) to 10.12 using Nokia Software Updater. Since then, I'm not able to open to open a game (PES 2011) which used to work before the upgrade. The error says "Invalid Application". Other games which are...
  6. koolbuddy92

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    another fan here :wave: Johnny Quest was great, also loved Jackie Chan Adventures.
  7. koolbuddy92

    All Graphic-Designers/Photo-manipulators here

    Here a cool quick tip for you. Making a realistic paper texture in Photoshop: 1. Open a new document with white background. 2. On a new layer, use a black to white gradient with mode set on "Difference", on different angles (go crazy!). 3. Now when you've got an interesting pattern, go to...
  8. koolbuddy92

    All Graphic-Designers/Photo-manipulators here

    By mouse. I don't have a pen tablet, but desire to get one soon. :smile: Its actually not that difficult to do such manipulations only with mouse. If you know the next step and "how to do it".. you can do it easily even with basic devices.
  9. koolbuddy92

    All Graphic-Designers/Photo-manipulators here

    Hello everyone, Here, you can put your works on display (kindly use online media hosting sites and post links here). Feel free to put your queries, post links to your favorite online tutorials. Kindly mention the credits in your posts wherever necessary. Here, are my best Photoshopped...
  10. koolbuddy92

    Fun at krow

    <papul> LFC_fan, http://www.shareimages.com/image.php?48169-pJSfl5SknZyplpyWlag-clipboard04.jpg <LFC_fan> papul: lol MS word :D <papul> as i sais MS office sh1t <LFC_fan> actually let the text be unreadable <LFC_fan> doesn't matter <LFC_fan> simply scale it <LFC_fan> don't you have a good lad in...
  11. koolbuddy92

    how to install wine on ubuntu 10.04LTS?

    And here's the source of A_n_k_i_t 's reply : how to install wine on ubuntu 10.04 | Sudobits Blog | Hack to Learn Please mention the source if the post contains matter from another site. You can't steal credit.
  12. koolbuddy92

    how to install wine on ubuntu 10.04LTS?

    Let me google that for you :lol:
  13. koolbuddy92

    A friend trouble

    First of all do what Gauravs90 and krishnandu.sarkar have suggested. If everything suggested fails then download HijackThis for your friend. (IIRC It would'nt be a huge download for you) HijackThis - Trend Micro USA Post your Hijackthis log here.
  14. koolbuddy92

    Free phone calls?

    Try Free Call - Free International Calls & Free VoIP Service. Internet phone calls - free VoIP, call PC to phone over Internet telephony. I'm not sure if there is a time limit, as I've used it only once or twice and that too for a few second's call. Well, I also faced a problem while testing the...
  15. koolbuddy92

    What are the 10 apps you use the most or cant live without?

    1. Adobe Photoshop CS3 2. Adobe Illustrator CS3 3. Avast free AV 4. A-Squared Anti-malware 5. VLC Media Player 6. Mozilla Firefox 7. Trend Micro's HijackThis 8. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 9. XChat 10. SkyDownloader ( for torrents ) Others: Right Click Image Converter ( A handy...
  16. koolbuddy92

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    I think CN became crap after the first series of Pokemon.. and especially Tom and Jerry got its standards degraded after Chuck Jones died. The most watched by me were: Tom and Jerry Dragonball z Swat kats Looney toons Dexter's laboratory Though Talespin wasn't on CN but it was nice too.
  17. koolbuddy92

    Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

    no, but there is is a *poo*geyman under my reply up there. :mrgreen:
  18. koolbuddy92

    Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

    Start watching "A haunting" on Discovery channel and you'll start believing in paranormal activities.. :flu-devil2: :inky: :tired: :cold: :blink:
  19. koolbuddy92

    Making a gradient in PS so that it follows path.

    Hello everybody. I've got this query regarding Photoshop. Just like one can create a text which follows a certain path, similarly, is there a way through which i can make a gradient which follows a path ? I know many of you would suggest the "Shape Burst" gradient type. But that doesn't...
  20. koolbuddy92

    Internet explorer not opening

    @Aspire & pushkar : so basically both of u agree with the rumour i guess... But whats the point of using someone's surfing details.. that's why i don't think its true..
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