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  1. mang

    unequal capacity ram

    I have only 2 ram slots. Already filled up the 2 slots with 2×2 gb Rams. Total 4 gb. I would like to increase my ram to atleast 6 gb and use 64 bit windows.. Rightnow with 32 bit os. If i get 4 gb stick and use with 2 gb stick to get total 6gb effective. Will this work ? Or will it be still...
  2. mang

    fx 6300 Temp in Indian summer

    I have athlon ii 240 chip on gigabyte 78LMT- S2 v1.1 (2012) Looking at my set up it seems upgrade to Fx 6300 is the most cost effective in theory ofcourse. Even then im worried about Fx 6300 heat temp as indian summers are Extremely hot. I will run the proc at stock, even then will it suit the...
  3. mang

    PC weird Switch on problem.

    I have this weird problem on my PC , it only boot up after two switch on cycle. I will describe this way. 1. Switch on the wall switch. 2. Press the UPS power on button. 3. Press the power button on the cabinet. ( but the PC will not turn on at this point). 4. Turn off the UPS by pressing the...
  4. mang

    HDMI to Stereo Rca will it improve audio quality.

    I have power dvd with realtek alc887 which is not supported in power dvd for high Def audio output. But I have radeon HD 6450 which hdmi outout, I don't use hdmi port for either video or audio out. Question is If I'm using hdmi for audio out with hdmi to stereo adapter will I get better...
  5. mang

    life expectancy of cpu based on fabrication process

    Is there any Idea relationship between life of a cpu based on its manufacturing process (nm). I was in the opinion that fabrication with more nm will last to that of fabrication having lower nm. Here life means till the cpu is totally dead and does not means obsolete. So is there any data about...
  6. mang

    Dead Motherboard - how to replace without the need to reinstalled windows 7

    I have a dead mobo which need be replaced. But i do not want reinstalled OS (win 7). How do i do that - before replacing the board there is no way to turn on the pc. It can be turn on only after mobo replaced that is my main concern. Any help will be appreciated ?
  7. mang

    PC Audio low sound usb plays fine

    I have a 2.1 speaker system with USB/MMC sloth it is conected to pc with 3.5 mm to RCA cable at its back. When i played from the inbuild usb it sounds fine and loud but whatever feed from the pc to speaker is 3 level lower in volume compare to that played from the inbuild USB player at the same...
  8. mang

    Photoshop Both sides pointed brushes how to get

    I could not get both sides pointed brushes as i posted the picture how do i obtain both sides pointed brushed in photoshop any help?
  9. mang

    Photoshop CS4 save only the rounded logo portion

    Suppose i am working with a rounded logo and instead of saving the whole rectangle /square page i would like to save the only rounded portion of my work . How do i do this ?
  10. mang

    cannot execute copy command in the command line way

    I have one file 'Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4' which is in a pendrive, I would like to copy this file to Hard disk E:\ using the command line but some how i could not do it I switch from C: to I: which is the USB pendrive and give the command copy Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4 E: ( not...
  11. mang

    From Athlon II 240 to Phenom II 560 will it be a significant upgrade

    I need your help please i am running Athlon II 240 with AM3 board, the proc is somewhat slow for this age, i would like to upgrade to a better cpu without changing the board to save money, however these day AM3 cpu are kind of rare the only viable option is Phenom II 560 as per market trend, and...
  12. mang

    New WD5000AAKX performance

    I have new WD5000AAKX -00ERMA0 i doubted is it an old model because most of the 500GB WD are WD5000AAKX -003CA0. Is there any one who can translate the performance in laymans language HD Tune screen shots are here: http://img.webme.com/pic/a/athax/hdtuneinfo.jpg...
  13. mang

    Can't Delete old Vista Windows installation folder in Windows XP

    I cannot boot a Vista Box so I installed Windows XP in the Same C: drive but under separate folder C:\WINXP\Windows\ the old Vista installation Files are in C:\Windows\. Now boot into XP i cannot delete the C:\Windows\ folder , when try to delete a dialog appears Cannot Delete 'FXSEXT.ecf' how...
  14. mang

    Windows 7 and Low very low sound problem

    I have Athlon II 240 with 785G board onboard is Realtek 888 HD audio. I am using Analog Stereo or say 2.1 speaker. Problem is with onboard sound when watching DVD-Videos sound output is very quiet of course sound is good but too low to be enjoyable. Hoping this will be solve by add-on sound...
  15. mang

    Owner advantages of DVI/HDMI over D-sub vga

    I have a DVI/HDMI capable board but use only VGA connection because monitor supports only VGA. Now, if i have/bought a DVI/HDMI capable Monitor and make a digital connection what will be the benefits i will get. What is the Advantages in real world computer of digital over analog graphic...
  16. mang

    Opening CPU fan & Heat Sink - Help me

    I have Athlon II 240 with default Heat Sink & fan on AM3 board. Over time, after 2 + years of use some dust and dirt are depositing between the heatsink fins i would like to clean up those dirt by opening loose the fan & heat sink. I've tried to unloose twice or thrice, but unsucess, i've never...
  17. mang

    ATX 2 & -5v

    As I have read, the newer ATX power supply spec from 2.XX done away with the -5v however my CPUID Hardware Ware Monitor still show -5v how was that ? My PSU is Intex with AM3 785 board. Do i need to use better PSU like the branded ones ?
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