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    HD Media Player WD v/s Iomega v/s Amkette

    Lamington road - Options, he is dealer of WD
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    HD Media Player WD v/s Iomega v/s Amkette

    Am looking to buy HD media player...I have shortlisted Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link MX : Price: Rs 3,900 approx, WD TV live : Price: Rs 3,000 approx, Amkette Flash TV HD : Price: Rs 3,800 approx. Storage is not an problem for me as I have WD 1TB. And also I am not looking for LAN or WiFi...
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    Problem in Copy/cut paste

    thank you got the solution.
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    Problem in Copy/cut paste

    I am using Windows XP - SP3, am facing strange problem that I am not able copy or cut paste any files who's size is more than 1GB. I can very well do copy or cut paste with the smaller files. Error: There is not enough free disk space. And wizard for Disk CleanUp opens up... And it happens...
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    Home Theater

    I want to buy high end "Home Theater" with combination of Receiver and speakers with brands like "Yamaha, JBL, Pioneer etc.." range will be starting from Rs.25000-30000. I have seen yamaha series, yamaha receiver are the best but speakers has no performance.
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    [By Demand] Digit October 2007

    Articles on buying high end "Home Theater" with combination of Receiver and speakers with brands like "Yamaha, JBL, Pioneer etc.." range will be starting from Rs.20000.
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    Google searches web's dark side

    thankz for the info...
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    Pay more for Net surfing

    Internet services are likely to get more expensive. Broadband connection users might have to pay more for Internet access if the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommendations to impose an annual licence fee for Internet service providers come into effect. Currently, ISPs pay only Re...
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    Google Refuses to Blur Earth Images

    you r rite they are not old more than 3-4 months...
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    TUTORIAL: All Kinds of Restrictions for Windows XP/2003

    any way handfull of new info... thankz
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    LongHorn Server and Vista sp1 to ship Together

    the software is not yet released and they are planning for SP1... Microsoft is big time loser
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    Wanna Know: How Microsoft Chose New Windows Sounds ?

    Thankz for Info :)
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    Find all Domains on same IP

    its perfect and exact on issue with dat...
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    Fastest Torrent Downloader

    uTorrent is simply the BEST.
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    TCS to add 30,000 jobs

    they are offering really nice package BOND of 2 years Rs.2,50,000 per anum. two friends of mine got were selected last week from campus interview
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    Budget 10k.I want everything.Sugest me one....

    sony k500i doesnt have FM but really worth a Phone
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    Speakers, Home Theatres and the Rest

    hie... i found this three system real good can u guys help me which one is worth buying 1]Creative 7.1 Gigaworks S750 2]Creative 7.1 Inspire 7900 http://www.creative.com/products/welcome.asp?category=4&subcategory=113 3]Altec Lansing 5100...
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    Speakers, Home Theatres and the Rest

    hie guys... am looking for new system for mine home am looking for 5.1 and above and... a]Quality b]Clarity c]Power i.e. Output i found this ARTIS Speakers nice http://www.artis.co.in/hometheatre.htm MODEL : S-8100 MODEL : X8 / 5.1 MODEL : X10 / 5.1 guys needs ur's views on this...
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    Nokia6600 vs Sony P800

    thanks for the post. i was going to buy P800 but now i am buying 6600. Mine budget is 15000 or more. Sud i buy 6600 or else any other mob?
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