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    which processor model do you have??

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+(Venice) Steppings:0523EPAW Stock speed:1.8Ghz Overclocked speed:2.6Ghz @ 1.475Vcore Running it on DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D
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    Vote for the BEST RAM Manufacturing Company !!!

    Where is Twinmos, its better than transcend and cost the same as it cost. I have one, it overclocks better.
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    Would you like to see DFI in India with there Motherboard

    Good News Guyz DFI is here in chennai @ itdepot. Will post more details on what motherboards have come into the stock soon.
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    You can get a Powersafe 500W for around 2.7k i think or else go for a 450W from powersafe. Tell me when you get your rig ok. Rgds,
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    Get a Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Speaker it really rocks, costs 2800 and for UPS get a Microtek double power Battery for Rs.2200/-. You can get a nice cabinet for Rs.2.5k just see before you buy, try www.zebronics.net, as for Powersafe not much idea how much it will be but you can get it for 2.5k. i...
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    Suggestions Needed... NEW RIG

    Yeah get the 3000+ venice, with A8N-E you can overclock very well, my 3000+ A8N-E did 2.475 GHz from 1.8Ghz with 1.4125vcore and on stock cooling, this is the speed of AMD 63 3800+. and ya if your friend can push the budget a little more try to go for 7800GT, this is the best VFM card available...
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    Twinmos is better than kingston and transcend. It overclocks much better than both. I have a 512Mb*2 Twinmos DDR400. Its easily available in metros
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    1.Well running your computer 24 hrs for p2p or any any other downloading wont be a problem at all as your Computer wont be at stress at all. 2.AMD processors are already runnig at lower temperature, make sure the room you are using the comp. is well ventilated, also take care you get a good...
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    Look pal, AMD 3000+ is equal and some times better than intel P4 3ghz, and also less heat in AMD, Venice is the core name of the revised AMD 64 3000+(939pin), the reason everyone is overclocking because it gives the performance of a costlier processor. Dont go by the clock speed of intel. For...
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    neo as you have mentioned 6600GT you can go for it, it comes at 525/1100 vs normal 500/1000 thus its a overclocked version. Also my system is similar to one i hve given it for you above with BIG 6600GT, so get the venice core for 3000+ and overclock it, i hve made 2.475 from 1.8GHZ and its...
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    What about monitor , LAN....?

    For 17" you can get Viewsonic E70f you can get it for 6700, and for 19" get a Magic Bright models from samsung not sure of their price. You can get yourself a Altec Lansing ATP3 for Rs.2900/-, or Creative Inspire 2.1 ---1900, inspire 4.1---2875 and a 5.1 is 4375 these are all chennai rates...
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    Urgent Help with my config... need to buy within 2 days

    haha, due what you have asked is for mid range computer only. Correcting your config 1.AMD Athlon 64 3000+ ----------7000 2.Asus A8N-E(Why do you need a onborad gfx when ur buying a seprate gfx card) ------------6500 3.Twinmos 2*512 MB ----2450*2= 4900 4.BIG Geforce 6600GT...
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    What about monitor , LAN....?

    Dude get a AMD 3000+ Venice , Asus A8N-E and twinmos ram if want Overclocking dont settle for cheap hynix rams and twinmos costs only 2450 for a 512 MB Stick AFAIK. So 7000+6500+4900=15400, so look out for some nice cabinet and SMPS and as for gfx card go atleast for a 6600GT 128MB pci-ex. You...
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    Best 17 inch CRT Monitor,

    View Sonic E70 costs 6700 only. http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopdisplays/crtmonitors/e2series/e70fplussb/
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    Best 17 inch CRT Monitor,

    ViewSonic E70f is very good
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    pentium 4 3.4 ghz

    Instead spending 11k for the processor, you can go for P4 3.0GHZ LGA-775 64 bit 2mb L2 Cache which cost 8.5k in chennai. www.deltapage.com go here and see the price of the components.
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    Which one???65-70k budget.

    AMD 64 3200+, Asus A8N-E, 2*512Mb DDR PC3200, GIG 6600GT(Copper cooler , good heat disipation), 160GB/200GB SATA, Viewsonic E70f 17" monitor,etc..
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    If Increase the RAM Then the System speed will increase

    I think your Mobotherboard will support another 256MB for sure. Check out with your motherboard manual for the maximum amount of ram you can put in a slot. Also whats is your Ram module(133/266/333). You must use the same module as the old one you have. BTW i am also living in chennai if ya want...
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    Go for the Microtek 800va 2 batteries backup which is around Rs.2400/-. Only thing is u cant monitor it from your computer using any softwares.
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    Alright pal, Build your system with this config AMD Athlon 64 3500+ -----AFAIK this wont cost you more than 21 to 14k Asus- A8N-E 2*512MB DDR 400 Twinmos Ram 250GB seagate SATA LOGITECH MX DUO WIRELESS KEYBOARD Microtech 800VA 2 batteries model(believe me man it good and offer...
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