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    Problem with mobile network

    Hey, so I have a Lenovo VibeK5 with an Airtel sim,and i am facing a weird problem. My 4g net is not working on my mobile, but it is functioning through hotspot connection. I've tried changing APN settings, but nothing seems to work. Any help?
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    Gaming laptop for 60-70k

    hey guys,after a lot of waiting and planning,i a finally getting a new laptop. i may get it locally or from abroad through a friend 1)Budget-60-70k(around 1000 usd) 2)size-mainstream around 15" 3)mostly gaming,both the latest,high end games and older games too,watching movies/anime/tv...
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    frequent BSODs(Video_TDR_Error)

    hey guys,for quite some time i have been experiencing frequent BSOD's,whose cause i am not sure about.generally,my pc's fine but whenever i play any game,no matter how less graphic intensive it is,it sometimes BSOD's and displays the BC code 116,which is the Video_TDR error.this problem doesn't...
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    headphones under 2.5k

    hey,i am looking for a pair of headphones with a budget of2-2.5k.i need the headphones for mainly listening to music and gaming,and some movies/series(not much).i don't really mind between IEM and over the ears,but they should be comfortable,sturdy and i should be able to listen to them for long...
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    Modem not connecting to internet

    i have a tplink 8961 on an mtnl connection.it was working fine until now,when it is not connecting to the internet.after restarting it,it works for about 5 minutes,then the adsl and internet light goes out,along with the connection.it keeps tries to reconnect around every 5-10 minutes,but it...
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    problem with airtel modem

    hey guys i recently changed my internet connection from airtel to mtnl.i got modem without wifi from mtnl.because i already had a airtel wifi modem(binatone DT 845W),i thought of trying to use that.i used the same settings on the interface of airtel modem,as on the mtnl one and somehow got the...
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    affordable cabinet and cpu fans

    hey guys,i am currently looking for a cabinet fan as my current one has died(i was just stretching it out).googling it,a cheap chinese one tells me it was an 80mm one,12v and 0.08A,if that's relevant. i also need a cpu cooler for my i3(lga 1156). the budget for both of them is around 1k.
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    hard disc troubles

    :twisted:hey guys i am having trouble.i hadn't used my pc for quite some time,and when i booted in after a long time windows was not starting.so i installed windows 8,and the pc started.then i saw that in the d and e drives(c drive originally had the windows 7 and currently has the windows 8),i...
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    new external transcend 1TB HD

    hey guys.i am currently planning to buy a 1TB USB 3.0 drive in around a month.i prefer one which does not require external power.i have shortlisted some transcend and toshiba drives: 1.transcend storejet 25m3 1TB: Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - Transcend...
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    PSU Not Working

    hi.my specs are :- intel core i3 530 intel motherboard dh55tc gigabyte hd7750 6 gb ram cooler master elite 350 w psu as me exams are coming up,i decided to put away my hd 7750.after that i wanted to test my i3,so i played sleeping dogs.of course,it played terribly,with even the lowest...
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