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    About Cellphones <18K

    I want to buy a new cellphone from Nokia. Can anyone please suggest me a good model which costs less than Rs. 18000? I also wanted to know how much exactly does the Nokia 7710 cost here in India.
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    For *.p65 files

    Is there any software other than Pagemaker available in the market that helps us to read *.p65 files? I need urgent help with this. Small file-size downloads will do.
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    Making phonecalls using the computer mic

    I have a BSN landline connection which is also linked to a Dataone connection, so I own an external ADSL modem too. Can anyone tell me how to make phone calls from my computer and talk using the mic and the speakers?
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    Saving "SMIL" files on the computer

    I went to a site and I saw fiels in SMIL extension, which play only on Real Player, and that too, for listening to the song, I have to connect to the internet all the time. Is there no way I can save that Real Media file onto my computer? Here is what is within the file, its 1.17 KB in size ...
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    More Explorer Help

    I run Windows XP Pro over 256 MB RAM on 1.7 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. > Whenever I switch on my system, I get an annoying message asking my to connect to the internet, showing the connections I have. These demands are from lzio.com and dealhelper.com. Are they spywares? I tried to do a...
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    Samsung X430

    Is there anyone out there owning a Samsun X430 GPRS mobile phone? I need a data cable for it. Because I need to load polyphonic ringtones and pictures to it.
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    Need Help....Me!

    Is there any way I can increase my surf speeds? I use 56 kbps Satyam Dialup with Windows XP pro.
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    Best Strategy Game!

    What do you think is the best strategy game in town. Choose from the poll.
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