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    Fat32 to NTFS on E drive only?

    I have read all the posts about FAT32 to NTFS conversions. However I still have doubts I use Windows XP, I have 5 partitions on a 160 GB HD. C: 18.63 GB D: 33.12 GB E: 32.59 GB F: 32.96 GB G: 31.71 GB I want to make DVDs into ISOs on my computer and as you know FAT32 only allows 4GB...
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    AXN GamesMax: register at games2win.com

    I saw the AXN GamesMax Gaming Championship Ad in TV I thought I’d let you guys know. :) register at www.games2win.com You can SMS GamesMax at 2525 for more information I hope nobody has posted about this before me as i'm always late. :(
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    Can I play a PS2 game on PC?

    I ordered some games from the local dealer and what I got was PS2 games. Now he is not returning them. :( Is there a way to play these games on the pc? Please Help
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    Which games should I buy?

    Buying new games? Which do you think I should buy? I had stopped playing games (my pc's hardware coudn't keep up) so I don't know about new games. Since now I have brought a new pc, please tell me some of the best games I can buy. I have HL2 and NFS U2. :twisted:
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