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    Upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 Now the system doesn't work

    Mine is Pentium(D) Dual Core with Intel Mother Board 1 GB Ram + 15" CRT It is with Win98, XP and Ubuntu 9.04 Last time I upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 without any problems. Now the installation CD of 9.10 did not allow to upgrade. I tried the update manager and commandline also and those also...
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    Windows partition is not enough

    Mine is a Pentium D 2.66 GHz 768 MB DDR2 with XP SP2 in D. (Win 98 in C and Open Suse 10.2 installed). D is a 15 GB partition and now I am getting low disk space warning frequently. Windows folder takes 3.5 GB app. and program files folder takes 4.5 GB app. Documents ad Settings folder...
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    Printer does not support linux

    Minolta-QMS PagePro 1200W supplied by wep(wipro). It's manual says that it does not support linux. Can it be configured any way with FC4?
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    Avast or AVG?

    I am unable to come to a decision from our threads. Please users or Avast and AVG recommend me one. Pentium Dual Core 2.6 GHz, 256 DDR, XP Pro.
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    Manual line/page break to printer

    Is it possible to send a manual page break or line break to printer from a linux terminal? If so, how?
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    Unable to remove dxc.exe

    A file called dxc.exe (located at d:\program files\deluxe communications\) atomatically loads and prevents me to search with firerox. I removed it from the msconfig several times and it's again there. spybot and adaware do not find it as spyware. I am using XP prof. I removed all the files...
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    Adding partitions to FC4 Linux

    I am using my FC4 with one ext3 and one swap partitions. I want to add another 30GB FAT32/NTFS partition currently used with windows. 1. How can I convert/format FAT32/NTFS partitions into ext3? 2. How to identify the newly added partition? Can I find it as seperate partition or file? 3...
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    Creating a video cd

    I have a downloaded movie file whose frame size is not fit to normal screen. How to create a video cd from it? How to change size witout losing picture area or quality?
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    Reinstalling GRUB

    I have formatted my c: as my XP and Me installations were irrecoverable. But my FC4 is safe. How to reinstall GRUB? or any other loader?
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    How to install Firefox

    Please tell me how to install firefox and thunderbird in RedHat 8 Psyche Kindly give me step by step instructions.
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    RedHat 8 not printing properly

    RedHat 8 Psyche TVS MSP 355 (24 pin) Prints only printer fonts. Prints some long text codes when tried to print Open Office files. How to configure it properly?
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    user without password

    Redhat Linux 8 Psyche Is it possible to create a user account without password? Is it possible to modify a user account to logon without password?
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    Recovering crashed XP installation

    My XP Prof affected by some trojan horse and no program was running. I got an error message that wininet.dll has been corrupted. Safe mode and other anti-spywares did not help me. I tried to overinstall XP. In the middle of the installation the systen reboots again and again without...
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    Errors in a Dial-up connection

    Status of a Dial-up connection in XP shows in the last line a data as Errors. What are these? Normally the error in sent coloumn is 0 and occassionally in the received coloumn is 2 or 3. Recently my system shows hundreds in received coloumn and the download speed is also abysmally low. I...
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    Commandline tool like dBase for Linux

    I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. I need a program to maintain cash book with denomination for every transaction. It should calculate the amount for the entered transaction and write it as an entry. Every entry should have 2 denominations one for the amount tendered and the other for the...
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    dBase for Linux

    Can anybody tell me a program in Linux (preferably run in terminal) similar to dBase III Plus in Dos?
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    Recovering GRUB after reinstallation of windows

    I reinstalled my XP. My Linux boot loader GRUB is not found now. How to recover it?
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    Fax with C100

    I am sending fax from my PC using telephone line and modem. Can I send Fax using my Samsung C100 with BSNL CellOne Mobile? Is it necessary to register for GPRS service provided by BSNL? What software/s needed?
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    Can I have my old XP settings in a new installation?

    I am having ME in C: and XP in D:. I am planning to format D: and install XP freshly. Can I take my old settings to the new installation? If yes, how to? I also have a second instalattion of XP in d: itself. How to erase it without disturbing the old installation? (Old is in d:\winnt and...
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    Connects to internet but no data transfer

    I am using a P III 700 MHz System with 512 MB SDRam, ME in C: and XP in D:. Recently I tried to install a screensaver from a magazine CD and cancelled the installation in halfway as my antyvirus found a virus in the installation. After that my system failed to transfer data from...
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