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    Linux on MAC

    I have been using my ibook for last one n half year and I can do anything (and even more) than on pc. Believ me its a great platform and u will be on a safer side coz u can install XP as well as vista alongside os x on intel macs.
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    for asp.net 2.0 which book is better

    Beginning Visual Basic 2005 n Proffessional VB 2005 . Both bt Wrox Pub. Also try free video tutorials at learnvisualstudio.net. they are really helpful.
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    Newbie needs advice on sharing Sify B'band using WiFi router

    Max 2 are allowed. I am sure n I am using them.
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    Newbie needs advice on sharing Sify B'band using WiFi router

    Dear frends, I just got Sify bband. I can use it with 2 computers max as a Sify rule like a standalone computer. The MAC address of each LAN card of both machines (an AMD 64 desktop n a Vaio laptop) r registered with Sify. So we can't use the Sify connection with other two: one is an Apple...
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    Pinnacle Media center or Pinnacle PCTV stereo

    I use PCTV Stereo which is kool. It is working fine for me. But u know u must have to download some patch for the friver if u are using WinXP SP2.
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    Using SifyBroadband on Ubuntu 5.10

    nothing works hey pals, Nothing is working for me. I tried using both 'official client and also the one provided by ujjwal ie. 'sifyclient.bin'. Whenever I provide username n password to both of them, it says 'Please use the updated client'. I am using Ubuntu 5.04 and not 5.10. What to do>>>??
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    New Macs released!

    WOW WOW WOW Steve Jobs Rocks. This year is gonna be Apple's Year!
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    R-Connect On RIM's Prepaid Connection.

    Hey ctrl_alt-del, I am from Pune. I have been using Reliance Freedom @ nite scheme since a month now. And believe me its wonderful. It is much better than Airtel GPRS. I get 10 KBps steady after 10 pm. Airtel GPRS gives me around 3 KBps only. I have Samsung 191 which I bought second hand and...
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    Leadtek or XFX

    I have been using Leadtek for last six months. Its wonderfull. no idea abt XFX. i ll suggest go for Leadtek.
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    Leadtek or XFX

    I have been using Leadtek for last six months. Its wonderfull. no idea abt XFX. i ll suggest go for Leadtek.
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    C compiler

    Try both TC n Dev C++ from Bloodshed simultaneously. U ll love it.
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    sounds from hard disk any prob ..???

    My Seagate SATA also makes awful noise. I usually put on some music so tht it will be ignored.
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    Difference between SATA & PATA Disks

    PATA used to transfer data using parallel interface thats why it had so many pins which resulted in the increased width of the connector (IDE). Sata does it using serial one. SATA is much much faster n there is no difference in the costs of the both varieties. I have successfully installed...
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    Connecting a PC to Mac??? HELP!!!!

    it helped me... thats wonderful... thanx. i have a g3 with os x 10.4.2 now i can connect it to my winxp.
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    Guide me to set up an FTP site... Hello friends, My friend's uncle lives in California. He wants to send some heavy files to my friend for which he wants us to set up an FTP site. I am totally unaware what that is all about. But I want to give it a try. Plz tell me wht an FTP site is...
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    Best 17 inch CRT Monitor,

    I also use Samsung 793MB. Its really kool...
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    Yah go for it did u checked the ipod nano? Its awesome. I got an ipod 60 GB color. Great innovation!
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    Improving GPRS Speed + Using Nokia 6021 with iBook

    Hey frends, I just bought a Nokia 6021. BT and EDGE. It promises internet speed upto 176 kbps. I am using airtel mobile office. I manage to get a mere 3 KBps and I am not happy with it. I guess it should be at least 10 KBps for an EDGE phone. Well higher Nokia models promise much higer speeds...
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    Should I buy Apple? (I bought it!!!)

    Go for it! Hey, I love my iBook. It will be great if u go for it. Mac OS 10.4 is among the sexiest stuff in the world (belive me). It is much simpler than Windows. And the iBooks are very much lighter than WinLaptops. All the major software that are made for windows are available for Mac OS...
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