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    Game in fullscreen mode suddenly minimizing

    this is my second post in this forum..i am been having some issues lately. whenever i play a game on my windows PC , it suddenly minimizes it seems that the culprit is an application in the background whic randomly shows up for some microseconds. so i can't find out the app causing this...
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    What to choose?

    Ok,i made a thread before in which i got pretty much of a bashing,and to be honest,i an still not able to understand the rules here even after reading them 7 times! Leaving that apart,i have multiple questions: 1.will an amd phenom processor last for five years ? 2.is amd having good after...
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    Motherboard and processor combo question.

    my current pc,a lenovo k series,is not working now.So i am planning to change and upgrade. I have the following components already: sparkle nvidia geforce 8400 GS 512 mb graphics card 500 GB hard disk 2 GB DDR2 strontium RAm 2 512 MB DDR2 sticks of RAM a monitor speakers mouse...
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