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    Gaming Pc for 120k

    R9 290x > GTX770 in single monitor as well, as far as I'm concerned.
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    Gaming Pc for 120k

    I think OP should get MSI R9 280X TwinFrozr 3GB instead of a GTX760 2GB, he has the budget. Edit: Or even a R9 290X, if he can stretch the budget a bit (like 10k as he mentioned) when non-reference models by MSI or Sapphire comes out.
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    Processor in 8k or Cabinet(FULL) in 17k

    Corsair VS450 is no way a poor choice for a PSU under a tight budget. Yes, of course it is an entry level PSU, but you can't recommend a GS or TX series PSUs for this budget. The Corsair VS450 has 34A on +12V Rail whereas the Antec VP450P has 30A on +12A Rail. I'm not saying VS450 is better...
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    Processor in 8k or Cabinet(FULL) in 17k

    What makes you say that? And of course, I'm not recommending that for a Rs. 30,000 rig. I also included a GPU in my build, that would let OP play games at low-med settings (at least at 1600x900 or lower).
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    Processor in 8k or Cabinet(FULL) in 17k

    Intel G2020 - Rs 3500 ASUS P8H61-M LX R2.0- Rs. 3000 Kingston HyperX Blu 1600MHz 1x4GB - Rs. 2250 Corsair VS450 - Rs 2200 Antec NSK4400 - Rs 1300 Powercolor HD7750 1GB GDDR5 - Rs. 6560 Total: Rs 18,810 Note: This rig can handle games quite good (low med settings), at least for the budget.
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    Want to get some games...

    You need to upgrade your RAM (4GB is a bare minimum) and GPU to play games like Crysis 3 with decent frame rates. Which PSU do you have?
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    Need your suggestions/ expert opinions on my gaming rig

    Get a Corsair Carbide 400R (Rs 6,300) case and a Corsair TX650 (Rs 6,000). And for the RAM, both Corsair Vengeance and G.Skill RipjawsX are equally good, get whichever you get cheaper (~Rs 4200 for 2x 4GB). Getting a CM Hyper 212+ Evo cooler would be nice for overclocking the CPU in future...
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    Neither the FX series processors, or any of the 9xx series motherboard has integrated graphics. So, no 9xx series comes with a VGA port for basic display. The best thing you could do in case of primary GPU failure is getting an el-cheapo dedicated graphic card like the HD5450. They cost less...
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    I see. Try taking your card off, clean the dust from the cooler and put it back in. Now, use MSI Afterburner to increase the core clock by 10Mhz, apply and run a graphic intensive game (BF3/Crysis 2/3) on highest possible graphic settings for around 15mins. Keep an eye on temperatures too. If...
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    The GPU temperatures are not much to worry about, considering high ambient temp. Load temp should drop down to around 68-70 when it isn't too hot and with a better case. Is it a completely stock 6850? (Core: 775MHz/Memory: 1000MHz).
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    Cabinet within 6-7k

    Cooler Master Storm Enforcer- Rs 6,500.
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    The FX 8350 is capable of hitting 4.8-5Ghz. I guess 4.4Ghz should be attainable in stock voltage which is perfectly safe for long term. For the temperatures, the Hyper 212+ Evo will get the job done. It is in fact, better than some entry level closed-loop liquid coolers. Coming to the HD6850...
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    HD 7870 OC 2GB or VAPOR-X HD 7950 OC

    +1. If you can get a HD7870 XT.
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    Until the voltages and the temperatures are low, you won't face any issues. Life span of a processor depends on these two factors. Overclocking with stock or close to stock voltages and a decent cooler like Hyper 212+ Evo, will make no difference in the processor's lifespan.
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    Help! Upgrading my Core 2 duo Rig.

    If you will be overclocking, make sure you get a decent CPU cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (~Rs 2,100) or the Hyper TX3 Evo (~Rs 1,300), best VFM coolers in my opinion. Though FX8350 is far too easy to overclock because of the unlocked multiplier, I'd still recommend going through...
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    70k Gaming rig with HD TV monitor

    The physical size of the monitor does not matter in performance. What matters is the resolution of the screen. I'm assuming you're planning on getting a 1980x1080 (1080p/FullHD) TV. HD7970 will run any game at ultra in 1080p with ease. Check this link: Benchmark Results: Battlefield 3 (DX 11) ...
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    [Want to Buy] core 2 quad

    You are highly misinformed.
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