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  1. dreamsalive

    Urgent Help Req.!!!

    I recently formatted one of my drives and found that it is 50% fragmented, after trying various defrag. software including o & o defrag. still over 50% of my space is fragmented and the file that cannot be defragmented by various soft. is named "pagefile.sys". it had 19 fragments occupying half...
  2. dreamsalive

    WWE Baista pics from indian tour currently

    WWE Batista pics from indian tour currently here are some pics. Sorry,name of the wrestler is wrongly stated as "baista" instead of "Batista" in the title. SOURCE
  3. dreamsalive

    ON this DAY life ON earth WILL come TO end!!

    READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE TO KNOW THE CAUSE Please don't think I'm spamming or fooling people or talking trash or writing stories and baseless things and creating panic.This is 100%(looks like) true prediction made by our ancestors over 5000 yrs ago. It is true that life on earth...
  4. dreamsalive

    What Was The Configration,cost & Year Of Purchase Of Ur First Personal computer??

    After a lot of thinking i've come up with this intresting topic that i want all of us should share with each other.I think i need not tell u anything as everything It is mentioned in the title of this topic. Please do not discuss about any computer upgrades as there is different...
  5. dreamsalive

    Wats the dumbest movie and game u've ever seen and played?

    ......of any genre. game:ea sports cricket 04 movie: dus kahaniyaan start off guys.........!!
  6. dreamsalive

    PLEASE HELP!!!!(very urgent)

    Guys i'm havin a strange prob.with my Benq DVD ROM (combo) ,that is if does not play certain DVD'S and these mostly consits of CHIP COVER DISKS AND DIGIT COVER DISKS AND MOREOVER they are of the current month only (dec'07). only 1 of 4 cover D of chip (dec'07) work and 2of 5 COVER Disc...
  7. dreamsalive

    now you can chat live!!

    In my Newly made forum regarding gaming, Now you can CHAT LIVE!! Patroit games gives and discusses the indepth knowladge of games.so join the forum today hurry up! Edit by Deep: One more link like this and you get a free WARNING TAG...
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