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    help me in deciding a tablet pc

    tablet pc available in INDIA I want a good convertible type touchscreen tablet pc below 70k rs. Also tell me what options i have in netbook tablets. i would prefer an optical drive in netbook. tell me what options are available at nehru place and at what price??? If it is linux based then...
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    No distro seem to work on my graphic card

    I am not new to linux world but i use only in graphical mode for light use and never use texdt or command mode. I recently added a graphics card to my system and no linux distro work on it. my configuration is : Asrock p4i45 GV 5.0 MOBO ( intel 845 chipset ) petium 4 -- 2.0 ghz...
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    help, editing grub and graphics card not conf. in suse 10

    i have win 98 , win 2000 & win xp on my pc and i recently install open suse 10 the grub screen at starting shows these options suse 10 windows failsafe ---------------------------- and selecting windows will take u to the old known menu with 3 options win xp win 2000 win 98...
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    Help me, Activation and Password required for Boson5.27 or anyone u can tell me

    hey i want to knnow the password and the activation key for the boson netsim 5.27 or incase if anyone can tell me these for any other version of boson netsim, pls do tell me.
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    Help me in checking the hosted web server by Sybss WebServer

    I am having the following error: You do not currently have a default document set for your users. Any users attempting to connect to this site are currently receiving an "Under Construction page". i have installed the abyss Web Server and while writing in the URL address bar...
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    motherboard for pentium4 2.0 ghz

    guys i have pentium 4 2.0 ghz processor on williamatte core 400mhz fsb , 256kb l2 cache , 478 pins my current mobo is from microtek and did not justify my processor and is a bottleneck..... it also does not have room for upgradation since it was a cheap budget board. moreover with only 4 mb...
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    does p4 extreme edition be overclocked

    guys intel processor multiplier are locked and only way to overclock is to increase FSB from bios but i have heard pentium 4 dual core processors from extreme edition series have no multiplier lock is that true ?????????????????/ or is there any method to break lock protection as in...
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    is 4gb cd exists

    my friend told me that he has a 4 gb cd-r and that too of mini size those used in camcoders ........... i said it wud be a dvd but he says that his cd-rom is reading it correctly guys is there such a disk exists................... and wat wud its cost
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    help me on dos

    piease suggest a site from where i can see a tutorial on ms-dos. free of cost of course!
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    What is the diference between CD+R & CD-R?
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