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    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    I want to purchase a new set of IEM to replace my lost Skullcandy 50 50. The budget is around Rs 2,500 . I listen mainly to heavy metal . please suggest me a good IEM.
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    Aoc e2043fsk LCD Monitor osd locked

    My Aoc e2043fsk LCD Monitor has started showing "osd locked" whenever i try to change any setting. Help appreciated in solving this issue .
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    Cooling Solution for hp pavilion dv6 1110 AX

    I have a hp pavilion dv6 1110 AX .I need a laptop cooling of suitable design. Price should not exceed 2k .
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    Laptop for 19k

    1) What is your budget? 19 2) What size notebook would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? No pref 5) What are the primary tasks will you be...
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    Mobile phone for 17k

    1. Budget 17-19K 2. Display type and size?Capacitive Touch and >3.2inch 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?None 5. What camera option you want? 5 mp Flash n physical shutter key 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).anything but...
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    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#

    How can i extract the executable stub from Self-Extracting Archives in C#.
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    Help In Buying a New Mobile

    Budget - 10k . Display - Not Specific Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? - Bar Preferred choice of brand - Samsung, Nokia, LG Preferred input method -touch and normal keypad What camera option you want? 3 Megapixle and above Preferred operating system? None Preferred connectivity options -...
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    Best Grafix Card For this System

    Hi Mine System Config is Which Grafix card will go best with it mine budget is 5.5k
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    A7S8X-MX problems

    hi i have asus A7S8X-MX motherboard(replacement) along with AMD sempron 2400+ i have installed windows but i cant have mine boot drive ntfs nor can i install sound whenever i try to install sound the windows restarts and if i try to upgrade to ntfs the windows crashes for ever plz if some...
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    useless windows

    hi i am running winxp sp2 on a sempron 2400+ on a7v400-mx mother board. mine mother board had roasted so i got it replaced with a7s8x-mx .the last time mine pc worked i did not shut down it but hybernated it.but now nor can i come out of hybernation or start it. the specs of the new board are...
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