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    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    Who is speaking about ads? Ads will never go, so that is a must-on thing. How above the thread tables, spacing, columns and all? Nobody got a problem with that? How cramped the forum has become. That is it for me. I think this is goodbye. Adios.
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    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    Thanks for an even uglier non-intuitive forum 9.9, I thought maybe once the new look is established, we would find it to be comfortable and forum would be a nice place again. Well apparently, I was wrong. Whatever happened to asthetics as in spacing, indentation, columns....
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    How is new double side ads in TDF...

    You may want to watch what you say. We don't work for Digit. We are volunteers too.
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    How is new double side ads in TDF...

    Likewise. Doesn't bother me how many they put and where.
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    Opera Unite offers easy file sharing

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    Someone is watching me...

    LMAO, your "prestige issue".. really? Time to read the forum rules again. We won't assist nor want to get involved in any type of cracking, overriding or any such "beat admin with my tech knowledge for my prestige" issues. Good day!
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    Watch out for these Upcoming PC Games For 2009

    Only games I'm looking forward to are 1 2 and 5 in that list. 1) Because it's a natural extension of COD life 2) Really interesting concept. 5) Big Daddy.
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    **Digit Admin** starts spamming Digit Forum Itself

    That isn't spam. Ever wonder why they created an entire forum for Carnival things? "Nobody going to buy" isn't mine or your problem. You don't like it, don't go there.
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    Fighter plane simulation

    Personally, the best I have played is F22 Air Dominance Fighter and F22 Total Air War, both 10 year old games and still the best, Air War being the successor to Dominance Fighter. If you really like the fighter simulation factor, Air War can't be beaten, even today. Check some videos on YT...
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    Fedora 11 Live cd problem

    I hope you know F11 isn't release until June 9. So it is still incomplete in a matter of speaking. Having said that, I suspect its the video driver, try xdriver=vesa at the the end of the kernel line in GRUB boot option.
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    Report Spammers!

    Yeah, that is what I meant, Programming and Education are hotspots for spam (no idea why), and will mostly regularly monitored by some mod, so I don't think there is a need to report threads from those sections as the reports run into pages and the other spam reports run away at the bottom...
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    Nice love story

    @confused, please use a little common sense. Next time, you won't even be here to type that.
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    Report Spammers!

    Here's a request: Please DON'T REPORT spam threads from PROGRAMMING and EDUCATION. They're the daily hunting grounds and are implied and hence reports for the obvious will clog down the Reported Posts section. However, if you find a spam post inside a thread there, push in the report button...
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    The official IPL Thread

    Force India has been completing races, except for a few mishaps, finishing a race is normal these days. The real deal would be to get into points. And they got into the second leg of qualifying today, so definite improvement. And who knows tomorrow could be a double bonanza for Mallya, I...
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    The official IPL Thread

    Hah RCB beat CSK :D Now the final chapter, tomorrow RCB will lift the trophy. (I hope) :)
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    finally some credit for GEEKS

    Hmm you did read the survey was done on "British" men, well, you know what they say above Brit women lol, they don't move. Don't generalise the approach to Indian geeks. We suck more than you imagine lol. Our modern society is the bottom feeder of the sex culture.
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    The official IPL Thread

    Haha, what a thrashing that was, awesome Adam. Now wait for another upset tomorrow, RCB > CSK :D And btw, no matter who wins, it will be an all southie finals, so up yours northies, muahahha.
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    Digit Starts Spamming Its Members...

    Why don't you pm an admin with a link to this thread naveen? Only they can actually say what's all this.
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    Enough is enough!!

    And also I just noticed, we got our spam control fix back, though no idea of the filter thing, so spam should be killed soon.
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    Enough is enough!!

    It is not a bug, didn't anyone even read what Anorion posted a few days back or what Sukhdeep said above? They have moved the hosting to a better hardware, and my guess is they are building up the links and the things there. So eventually you will see more things missing all this week. Once the...
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