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    The Samsung Series 5 550P Laptops Thread

    Hey gus got mine for 58.5k from prime abgb but no accessories on 31st. can anyone give me the link for extended warranty registration?
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    Dell Inspiron 14R/15R/17R Turbo Laptop Thread

    hey guys can the owners pls post the benchmarks together.we'll really appreciate it guys.or just links to post.
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    laptop ~60k for gaming!

    well actually i am in hostel thats why otherwise i would have gone for a desktop only buddy! thanks for your reply buddy!
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    laptop ~60k for gaming!

    thanks a lot for your replies guys. @sarthak:yeah thats what i heard from many people.even my brother had hp laptop which had issues like after sometime the games would start freezing and such. also i stay in hostel there also i spotted some cases like that while dell which had better config...
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    laptop ~60k for gaming!

    What is your budget? (INR or USD) -60000/- INR Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if Amazon.com or Newgg.com ships to your country (Only if you know this info). -india What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? -gaming,watching...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    hey guys i was going to buy dv6 6165tx(a little confused though). i just wanted to ask whether i should go or extended warranty or not.like do u think that it will need servicing may be because of heating or something. thanks in advance! also guys can u tell me what fps are u getting in bf3 or...
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    hey guys use this KERNEL. it really makes the phone more smooth. also now dungeon hunter doesn't lag after using this kernel. btw did anyone try NOVA?
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    as u will increase the freqn the temp will rise with it. overheating can shorten lifespan. so..........
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    hi everyone! void is my first custom ROM on my LG optimus one and i must say it is just amazing. all that bloatware LG installs is gone and also u can install any software u want for anything u wanna do. plus u get more free space and ram to install good games. dont worry1 the process given on...
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    Blue- Pathetic and crap. don't watch this movie

    it is worst movie so far this year may be!
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    Happy Independence Day to All

    Happy Independence Day!
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    What after +2 now :(

    please can u people guide me on giving preferences to trades in CAP.
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    GTA San Andreas Skip Missions

    get mission skipper. available at gtagaming i think.
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    Must Listen Music Albums Recommended By Digitians

    MCMXC a.D. by Enigma is great!
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    i have a strange prob.my modem connects and DSL remains on. but wen i try to connect thr dialing connection(i have configured bridging)it says remote computer didn't respond. i have to try several times before it actually connects. PLEASE HELP!
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    Can any recognise this song for me please ?

    whichever it is,it is good! tell me more songs like this.
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    God of War III Media blowout

    nice image
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Check here to know why It was released only in Russia and was hacked to play in english.
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    PS3 -> Help needed

    which projector have u got buddy? Got any blu ray movies?
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    God of War III Media blowout

    Check out the official website! http://www.us.playstation.com/GodofWarIII/
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