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    My first Google App Engine Demo.

    Got My First Google App Engine Demo up and Running. http://lamp.techbirbal.com/2008/04/08/google-appengine-released-2/
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    Netbeans 6 Released

    The 6.0 release includes significant enhancements and new features, including a completely rewritten editor infrastructure, support for additional languages, new productivity features, and a simplified installation process that allows you to easily install and configure the IDE to meet your...
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    SuperMan comes to GTA - San Andreas.

    Hi Guys. Theres a cool superman mod for GTA SA, tried it , too cool. "You can play as Clark Kent (default) Classic Superman or Superman Returns. 2 New Loading Screens. New Super-Tags! Based off the Super CJ script, You can fly, run extremely fast, swim extremely fast, have super...
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    IISC Bangalore does not have enough bandwidth...

    IISC Bangalore does not have enough bandwidth, talk about infrastructure at india's leading institutions... This means that an institution of the caliber of IISC bangalore cannot afford bandwidth for promising students, Talk about the latest High Tech curriculum they are supposed to offer...
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    Ubuntu uses Paid Forum Software -- lets Free the Penguin

    Well Ubuntu is the messiah of the open source world, it seems though they are breaking their own heads by using (hold your breath) proprietary Forum Software (Vbulletin) which is very un-opennish in nature on their Forums. Common ubuntuans,theres always the pengun ish phpBB as the savior...
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    Mystery of the www2

    Of Late, I see websites with www2 prefix , eg http://www2.nature.nps.gov Even blogger has www2 https://www2.blogger.com/start Theres certainly something with www2 Full Story here http://www.techbirbal.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=692
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    Einsteins Brain

    The brain of Albert Einstein has often been a subject of research and speculation. Einstein's brain was removed within 7 hours of his death. The brain has attracted attention because of Einstein's reputation for being one of the foremost geniuses of the 20th century, and apparent regularities or...
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    Java SE 6 Released.

    Sun Microsystem has announced the availability of JDK SE 6 for download. Read here for more http://www.techbirbal.com/content/view/38
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    Website ScreenSaver

    Now get a screensaver for your wesbite. Hold on your mouse and keyboards for 5 seconds and behold a screensaver runs on your website, and no its not your window/linux screensaver, its a screensaver for your website. Enjoy!!! Check it here www.techbirbal.com
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    3D Browser using OpenGL

    Hello Friends. Heres a 3D browser released by people from second life. Screenshot here http://www.techbirbal.com/screenshot_big.jpg It can be downloaded here http://www.techbirbal.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=244
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    XP wont Install

    Hello Friends. I have a K8M Neo Motherboard + AMD 64 3000. I am not able to install Windows XP , maybe my motherboard has some fault, it was under warranty, sent it to the service center, they say its fine, but when i boot windows xp from the CD, it gives me an error. The service center...
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