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    Suggest Me a Good Gaming PC

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Playing Games like Fifa 13, Latest versions of COD, Assassins...
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    Help : Computer Hangs a lot

    Hi Guys, I have a computer with the following configuration. Inter Core 2 Duo Processor 2.2 Ghz , Asus P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard , 1 GB DDR2 Ram , 160 GB HD. The computer hangs a lot while working on any program. Sometimes , "Explorer.exe" also shuts down. I have formatted and installed...
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    Problem taking screenshots in Vista

    Hi Guys I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my system . I tried taking screenshots of games using the latest version Fraps but it did not work. I downloaded another program called "Free Ejoyshot" and it also didnt work . I dont get any error but no screenshots are being taken . Do...
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    How to Enable DMA

    Hi guys I have a Sony DVD RW DW-Q120 A . The problem is i am unable to enable DMA for this device . I tried to do it through Device Manager but it didnt help . Now with it being disabled it is taking 40 minutes to burn a DVD . Please help
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    Fedora Core 5 Help

    Hi I recently installed FC 5 on my system . I am new to Linux and i dont know hot to mount my other windows partitons (NTFS) on it . Can anyone help me. BTW , which player should i need to install to play mp3 , dvd , avi etc .
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    Sony DVD Writer Problem

    I recently purchased a DVD writer . It was working fine till now , but today when i tried to write a DVD , it took between 40-50 minutes . I tried the blank DVD of various comp of 8x and 16x but the result was same . What could be the problem .
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    Sony Ericsson W800i help

    Hi guys My friend has got a w800i model . But he doesnt know how to play videos on it . 3gpo movies are playing fine but formats like avi , mpg , divx are not getting played . Is there any software needed to play them . And btw is it a symbian phone and if so , how can we install any software...
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    Suggest good Data Recovery Software

    Hi Guys Suggest me some good data recovery softwares which can recover from formatted and Lost partitions . Thanks in Advance ....
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    Yahoo woes

    Yesterday when i tried to sign in to Yahoo Messenger i was unable to do so . I tried a couple of time but did not succeed . Then i decided to go the website and check my Yahoo mail . There i got the same error that my password was incorrect even though i hadnt changed it . I clicked on the...
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    Subtitles Help

    Hi I downloaded several titles of several Divx movies from the net but when i use them a green diagonal line starts appering in the movies when they are playing . Dont know what to do . I use Winamp .
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    IE Problem

    Suddenly the fonts in my IE has started to apper large in size . I tried the Internet Options for fonts and accessibility but it did not help .
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    Problem in computer

    Hi I have a p4 2.8 GHz , 512 RAM , 915 GAG comp with 6200 TC . After Windows is loaded , the computer waits at the welcome screen for around 40 seconds before the desktop appers. A toolbar name "AZE SEARCH " is appering in all the folder and explorer windows i open . It contains links to...
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    Need Help With My Blog

    Hi guys I am Making a blog . The articles contained in the blog are quite long . Now i want to make the articles shirt ( say about a paragraph ) and want to give a link at the end of the paragraph like " read more " . When the user clicks on the link the whole articles will get displayed ...
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    Learning OpenGL

    hi guys i am interested in learning . I use Dev c++ . Do i need to download or install any specific header file or lib file so that i can make openGL programs in Dev c++ . Please give a step by step instruction if i need to do something .
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    question about keyboard

    hi guys, i want to know a simple question about Keyboard. Why are the keyboard keys not in order .
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    Recovering Saved password

    Hi guys i use winxp and i have forgotten the password of my dialup account . But the password is saved in my dialup connection . Is there any software thro which i can know the saved password .
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    question for Dataone users

    hi guys i have a datone 500 Rs/month connection at home . I checked on bsnl's website that free time is available from 0200 - 0800 . So i want to confirm whether downloading will also be free during this time . And How do i check my internet usage on dataone .
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    football Manager 2006

    i guys can you tell me where can i buy the original Football Manager 2006 in India Probably in Delhi .
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    Copy Sms from Phone Memory to Memory Card

    Guys Can anyone tell me how to copy Sms from Phone mmory to Memory card using FE Explorer .
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    Playing video Files on Linux

    Guys I am running the Linspire Linux version on my comp but it is unable to play any video files like avi or mpg . But the mp3 and rm are playing fine . How can i access my hard drive on ubuntu linux .
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