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    help on backup norton updates

    hey friends plz tell me how can i backup norton updates so that i wd not have to download those updates again in case of system faliure
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    Just created an XP live cd but....

    hey ppl i just created an xp live cd using bart pe builder as featured in digit take a crack but i am not able to format my ntfs partition is there any way to format ntfs partitions through dos mod(using 98 boot up disk) or through the bartpe live cd
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    Record music from atereo mix

    hi frnds i just wanted to record the audio that passes to my comp specially for games videos available on the net like of microsoft e3 press confrence 2007. the video starts with the music of halo3 it is awesome i downloaded the whole 1gB file just for the music i gooled & found softwares...
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    Boosting NET Speed

    hi friends i came through dataone broadband home 250 & home 900 ul + plans they have 2mbps & 256 kbps speed respectively. i use internet download manager to download files when i start to download a file it jumps to 80 kBps & then comes down to 30 KBPS on 900 ul & same happens for home 250 it...
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    Taskmanager & system restore issue

    hi friends i was viewing nfs pro street promo then media player hanged & i hit alt+ctrl+del to end it but taskmanager hanged too since then i cant run taskmanager in windowed mode, it runs only in maximised or on the taskbar no virus on sys & the option minimise to taskbar is also disabled...
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    how to boost net speed

    hi first, how can i find out that at what speed am i getting? in the taskmanager>networking the lan is connected at 100mbps & the network utilization is only 1% in my happiest hrs is there anything i can do to boost my net speed
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    scheduling a connection

    hello frnds as published in digit connection to net & disconnection can be schedulde on the time line but can it be scheduled that a download completes it disconnects, connects again picks another link from a file n downloads it or is there any software that wd do that plz tell me
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    F.e.a.r. Dead Phantom

    heloo frnds fear & fear extraction point are two great fps but anyone heard about FEAR DEAD PHANTOM i heard abt the game on the warez site when tried to find on sierra's website there wasnt any notice plz help me get more info abt the latest realease
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    No on wanna los his gf

    Hello frnds R u a subscriber???????? then perhaps u wd have issues the worst is late delivery the reward of being a LOYAL READER of digit is that u get ur issue when the 5 yrs old kid finished the latest digit n takes away ur techy gf (JUST ONE SCENARIO) & u smash ur head into ur screen...
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    Rate the digit issues

    Hello Frnds everyone knows digit has been a good mag in it but from last year i think digit is focusing on money rather than satisfaction of their customers filling the mag with the crap flowing over the net only useful article according to me is "take a crack" there is a feed back topic...
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    windows on xbox !!! ???

    hello hardcore peoples is there any way to install xp on xbox that wd run the games like pro street or cod 4 & wd i be able to connect to a pc via lan to play games on lan
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    pen drive as floppy

    hello is there any way to use usb pen drive as floppy drive specially when booting as for cd may be emulated as floppy when using it 98 startup disk plz let me know all i want to do is back my xp installation & floppy is asked at the end since they r not much durable any solution & i...
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    XFX Card Died

    hello everyone i was using xfx 6600gt but a couple of days ago a very small component labeled C89 near the jack of the fan melted now is that covered under guarantee/warantee if no where should i take the card to get it repaired (address of xfx service center) preferably in Delhi or Kolkata...
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    Spammers gonna make ur mouth wet

    Hi people In his world if want ur work done easily by some one just tell him that he wd earn profit if he does a work. u know it works dont beleive check it As advertised on bsnl's site u find about making money by signing up on "Agloco" which promises to pay for the time u surf on the net...
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    never ever subscribe to digit

    hello i m aditya digit reader since 2003 & subscriber since 2006 but in a few months the subscription has gone to hell delevery is always made in 3rd week & instead of may 07 april 07 has been dispatched to me i have tried a lot to make them know sent more than 10 mails regarding their...
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    help about disabling services in win xp

    hello when i disable any service in a profile, it automatically gets disabled in another one too can u help me?
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