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    On a 450W best budget GPU 2015?

    My PSU is this: Cooler Master Thunder 450W 450 Watts PSU - Cooler Master : Flipkart.com Its 450W and has 1[6+2] pin power connector. my requirement: -->1080p Gaming @60fps high -to- ultra [no MSAA], [no 4k or 2.5k] -->Should last for 2-3 years -->I rarely play FPS, but usually 3rd...
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    Is this for real GT740 m in 38k lenovo laptop real or fake as survey shows,

    Iv'e been searching for laptop for gaming and app. development purposes my budget is 40k INR. A good GPU is critical requirement. I saw this add on snapdeal for Lenovo S510p 59-383326 laptop. Amazing Specs and price. link given below...
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