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    network adapter linght not blinking

    Hi, My network adapter linght is not blinking, and i dont have a connection , what could be the problem , actually i had that adapter for the Lan internet connection and now am using another adapter for the internetconnection taking out the network lan line. Is that could be the fuse in the...
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    How to delete symantec Anti Virus

    i got these symantec installed , it checks viruses in backround , one thing it slows down whole of my prorams and then wanted to uninstall , but that uninstall thing is not there so did deliting the whole installed symantec it went ok but some remained and couldnt be deleted ..///// it shows...
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    any body got Trojan Horse removing tool

    Hi,,,,,,,,Any body got trojan horse removing tool , i got the trojan vundo removing tool from symantec .........just couldnt find for the Trojan Horse ;)
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    wanted to buy swift car but dont no which one

    i wanted to buy one swift car which now a days most people drives but i dont no, is it maruti swift or swift . i have seen different swifts moving around , the one i wanted to buy iis which has got a nice shaped and nice side looks and good finishhing , can u plesea if u can show me the pic...
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    i need driver Nokia 6681 USB OBEX

    any body can provide me this ////Nokia 6681 USB OBEX\\\\ i tried damn nokia site its not there ,, well am not been able to connect my nokia 6681 to my comp, i got installed nokia pc suite , soo am wating for it
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    need hlp nokia 6681

    hellow, i have a nokia 6681 and i lost the cd which i use to connect, i downladd Nokia_PC_Suite driver and tried to connect it dosent connect , so any body please
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    where...sports super bikes pics

    where can i find sports super bikes pics acutally wanted to buy before wanted to have a look at it , i tried googling all i found is junk
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    how..flip word upside down or opposite

    how to flip word upside down or opposite in microsoft word ....anybody
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    my cd drive icon lost how do i get it back

    i was just puting one cd to watch and then after some time it got error and then when i checked my cd drive its lost, plz help
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    i need one good filesharing mp3 download etc...

    Hell am so fade using Lime wire and ares the search is zero and download speed is also zero....or do i need to configure it ..../ any way.... Tell me which one is most popular in filesharing mp3 download and video etc...i want it best ....the thing is i have a broadband connected in my comp so...
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