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    laptop ~60k for gaming!

    What is your budget? (INR or USD) -60000/- INR Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if Amazon.com or Newgg.com ships to your country (Only if you know this info). -india What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? -gaming,watching...
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    Forms release dates

    Hi everyone! please will u enlist all post HSC exam form release dates here. Some I know that PMT,AFMC,JEE forms are released.
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    keyboard problem

    i recently got a new pc . it doesn't have ps2 port so he used ps2 to usb converter to connect kb and mouse. now sometimes the keyboard is lit up but it is non functional and same for mouse. i have to detach and reatach for it to work. also suppose if i press two keys they don't work. and f i...
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    Azeureus Port Errors.....

    i have been trying a lot of things till today to unlock the connection port of it. please help me to do so. i am using DataOne Broadband and my modem is UT Starcom UT300R2U. Edit:i have tried disabling XP's firewall but no avail.
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    Saawariya on Blu Ray!!!!!

    Read the full news here http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=791 Well if anyone's interested get it! It is may be the first hindi film to be released on Blu Ray!
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    Problematic RAM! Help!

    Hi friends I am using a VIA chipset motherboard with 2X 128MB SD RAM 133 Mhz RAM. From 2 days one of the RAM stick is not getting detected. I swapped their positions but no luck. I checked after some time keeping both modules inside and shut down the PC and discovered that both the sticks had...
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    Blu Ray or HD DVD what will Digit give?

    Hey people what do you think digit will give or should give us in future? My vote goes for Blu Ray!
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    Blu Ray discs in India

    Hi friends! I wanted to buy Blu Ray discs of movies and games for PS3. Can u please tell me where can i get them in Pune?
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    PPP link control protocol was terminated! Urgent HELP!!!!

    People I want to start using IDEA GPRS for using net. I configured everything just as told. I am using Samsung X 600 with data cable. But when connecting it gives the error Please help!
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    Needed help assembling my PC

    Hi friends! I am planning to buy a new PC in august. I want help assembling it. I want a really good graphics card and should be DX-10 compatible and should play all latest and old games at the monitor's resolution at full eye-candy turned on. Also a 5.1 speaker set with deep and earth...
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    Nokia 3230 games installation on SD CARD

    Hi people! I have a Nokia 3230. It has 512 MB SD Card. I have a MemoryCardReader. But I don't have the USB cable. I have installed the Nokia PC Suite from Digit DVD. Please help me install the game which is in *.jar format.
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    Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition PC not working!

    I recently bought it. I installed the game and restarted the PC and then I started the game almost holding my breathe. i went through the menu and clicked over launch the game. But the screen went dark not dark it shows the Crazy! etc. icons and the health gauge but i can't see the scene. Plz...
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    Create or edit your logon screen!

    Hi friends! After editing the Winntbbu.dll by the guide at msfn.com i was very INSPIRED. I then searched for logon in windows folder. I found "logonui.exe". This the file of logon screen. I will guide u to edit this. I am using ResEdit as it is free! Backup it be4 editing!!!!!!!!!!! Open...
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    Professional Autorun

    Hi friends! I needed a bit help. I want to create great autoruns like those of microsoft cd's or games. Can you help me? Do u have any tutorial? Can u sugest me a program for it?
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    Windows Xp GUI Customization!

    Hi friends! Is there anyway we can make some softwares to be installed with windows setup? And also can we customize the installation GUI?
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    Audio EFFECTS!

    Hi friends! Consider any audio stream! Which is the most important effect producing thing in it?
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 5 problem

    I recently bought PES5! I heard that its a nice game! But during installation i got an error while copying something 'opmov' After goggling i found that its the intro file! Is there anyway i can start the game? Is there anyway i can replace it my own video?
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    Sudden PC STOP!!!! HELP URGENT!

    While browsing web my PC suddenly stops responding! And also it starts responding again after 1-2 minutes. And Net gets disconnected! I use Sancharnet! Please help me with this!
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    3.5GB to 65KB

    A friend of mine have a file something named "BLH-TOD.zip" His sister got the cd's for him from Mumbai! When we extracted the file it took about 3.5 GB's of space on his hdd! Is there anyway we can compress up to this level!
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    the best dvd ripper of all!

    Guys which is the best DVD ripper of all! Means which is the DVD ripper that gives u the highest quality of all!
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