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    Will Ivy bridge processors support the current Z68 LGa1155 platform?

    I want to buy i7 2600k and Z68 motherboard.But please let me know that in the future can I upgrade the Z68 with the upcoming Ivy bridge processor as I heard that Z68 will support LGA 1155 platform.but need to confirm before buying.
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    Need advice for better thermal paste

    currently my 955 BE CPU temps are 39c idle and 56c load. using cooler master thermal fusion 400 with hyper212 plus. are my temps high or normal? Members please suggest me very good thermal paste that would bring down these CPU temps.
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    Need advice to use DDR3 2000mhz RAM

    I need advice to use DDR3 2000mhz RAM on gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3 Motherboard guide says 1866+ OC Ram and not 2000+ OC Will it be compatible? Is someone already using this configuration? As I need all the members advice before buying this RAM
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    Sell 8GB DDR 3 -1333mhz RAM in warranty

    I want to sell 8GB DDR3 -1333mhz RAM in warranty covered as I want to buy higher frequency ram.All 8 GB Ram is in good working condition and can be overclocked to some extent (1480 mhz effective) 3DIMMS : corsair,transcend,kingston
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