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    Network attack!!!

    hi.. I m using Kaspersky Internet Security 8. My computer is connected to Internet directly and the connection is shared by two other persons through my PC.I m getting some strange warnings by Kaspersky that there is a network UDP attack from some local machine having IP as or 68...
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    high CPU utilisation prob

    hi... Whenever I start a new program CPU utilization increases to above 90%.Also it gets continuously remain above 10 % with red lines at the bottom of the graph. Help me what to do!!!!
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    Prob with drwtsn.exe

    hi... I have Windows XP professional.My problem is that task manager and task bar got struck several times and I need to reboot my Pc manually.Although I can access my desktop items.Also when I opened a particular folder in E drive then the window got disappeared after a few seconds.I think...
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    Frreaky Audio problem!!!

    Hi, I have Intel D102 motherboard and lost my Driver CD but I downloaded ATI chipset driver,Realtek audio and ethernet drivers from Intel website.But even after installing them,there is no audio.Control Panel Sound and Audio devices showing no audio device. Please help me out.
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    sudden low disk space in C

    dear frnds my system is suddenly showing low disk space in C.Although just an hour before there was more than 2.5 gb of free space.Even after dleting some movies it again shows a few kb space only,which even crashed to 0 after a few seconds. All torrent downloads have also refused to resume...
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    Ethernet controller problem

    hi guys, I have a D-link wireless card. the problem is that its ethernet controller driver cant be installed properly.even after installing the software provided in the cd,the ethernet controller is marked with the yellow question mark in the device manager. tell me wat to do....
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    pen drive converted to RAW

    hi frnds My UMAX Apus 210 pen drive has been rendered unusable as it has been converted to RAW file system and nothing can be written on it.I cant format it anyway. Pls help.
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    problem with "my documents"

    hi guys My Document winndow pops up immediately after boot.earlier there were 2 windows popping up but after using the soln posted by Mr Vishal gupta windows decreased to one only. pls get me a soln to fix it altogether..
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    does formating a hard disk too many times affects its quality?

    hi guys,i want to know that if format my hdd or flash drive too many times,would it affect the quality of the disk?if yes,how?
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    suggest browser for java/s40 phones

    mine is nokia 5300 phone.i would like to dwnld a good browser for my cell that could support easy browsing and especially sites like orkut and other chatting sites.pls help me.
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    pc taking long time to shut down

    my pc is taking a considerably long time to save its setting and then to shut down:mad: .sometimes it becomes very irritating to wait for as long as 10-20 min.help me solve the problem.
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    any antivirus for nokia 5300

    could u pls tell me if there any antivirus avalible for nokia 5300(must be free).also tell if there any need for such an antivirus.is this phone symian enabled?
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    windows login screen disapppears

    hi guys i'm facing a strange problem of disappearing login screen when i boot my pc. i have to login everytime by restarting comp again and chosing last gd knoen config that my windows worked. i thought something wrong gone with my settings pls help me out of this weird problem
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    power button not working

    when i tried to switch off power when my applications were not responding or when my xp stuck in between,no response is got.although restart button is working well.also sometimes my computer takes a very long tme time to shut down. pls help.
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    dvd writer getting very slow.

    my sony dvd writer is getting very very slow.:( .it often takes more than 30 min to write a dvd.Its a last october purchase.pls help wat to do.
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    help!"My Documents"pop up immediately after boot

    pls help me if it a virus attack of somekind ao anything else.i dont know.:confused: my anti virus dont show any virus attack. also my startup dont show any illegal process.
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