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    windows 7 doesnt boot with second hdd

    I currently have a 500gb HDD with win 7on it.when I connect my friends HDD with no os and set mine as first boot priority it loads up to win 7 screen then goes to chkdsk...it starts checking my friends HDD...any solution? - - - Updated - - - Problem update...can't boot into safe mode with the...
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    Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G good choice or not?

    ok guys am going to buy a smartphone and i someow like the s2.Always wanted one..so what i want to know is that will this phone be updated to jellybean and can i run games like dead trigger,riptide and score...temple run etc on this phone and if there is any other phone in that price range...
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    Need a replacement mobo!!!

    Ok so here's what happened....3 days before my old mobo m2n-mx-se plus gave up...so i need a replacement one...the socket is AM2 and the processor is athlon x2 4200...can anyone give flipkart link to a mobo that supportz athlon and am2 processor
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    Best mid-range graphic card

    Best graphic card for 3.5k....for playing games like nfs mw2,nfs run,bf,cod 1,2,3...blackops2...fifa...crysis,ac1,2,3 farcry etc
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    Which one to buy???

    Guys should i buy philips shp1900 or shs390???
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    Galaxy s advance.should i buy?

    Planning to buy it...but the camera doesn't have a zoom option..any app that i can use to zoom&take clear pics?
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    Boots for 5sec...then nothing

    Am havng trouble with my pc AGAIN..so in the morning was copying files to usb all of a sudden half of the monitor from the middle to down started showing grains...with red blue etc...so turnd down the ups...booted again boots for 5sec then turns off...i boĿt倎
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    Blue screen

    Guys...i formatted from xp to win 7...so now whenever i open a image with windows image viewer..i get a blue screen saying windows encounted error..creating memory dump..wat to do :(
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    Pc support win8??

    Mobo-m2n-mx-se plus...ram-1gb....procesor-atholn 4200+...just want to know if this could run win8 & mobo supprt win8
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    Xp problem

    Am in the admin in the xp ....when ever i put a password and restart it goes straight to the desktop without asking the pass...please help
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    Fx-8350 configuration required...

    I'm buying amd fx-8350 ....using it for gaming(at medium setting.) and for photoshop and premiere pro and aftereffects....buget max-40k
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    My mobo supports sata 3gbps...so if i buy a 500gb hdd of sata 6gbps will it work???also suggest a gud 500gb hdd...mainly for photoshop and watchng vidz
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    Lap needed in 1 week

    Since my pc gave away and am joining college i need a lap...budget 55k...will be using it for gaming like crysis,ac,nfs,bf and softwares like premiere pro and aftereffects.
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    Blinking monitor

    Am writing this for my friend...he was watching a video and all of sudden video got stuck,pc also became unrespons so he restarted and now its just showing a blinking monitor help
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    Mid range pc needed

    Last day my hdd gave away....so mb also pretty old...need a pc for editing(videos..softwares like premier pro,aftereffects cs6)..buget max-30k....ram need about 8gb...graphics-2gb....procesor-i5 3rd gen...mb-no idea....please help me out guys...
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    Does my motherboard support 4gb ram????

    Okay guys...am using asus M2N-MX-SE PLUS motherboard....last day the hdd gave away...so orderd a new hdd and could u tell me if the motherboard supports 4gb ddr2 ram... :)
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    Pc nt starting.....partially

    Guys..whenever i start the pc...i get 2 optns...press del for setup& press tab 4 bios post...i tried ol d 2 optns& aftr tat it shows plz choose d crrct boot optn and restart again....plz help..
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    Which 1 to buy?????asap

    Guys which 1 shud i go 4...soundmagic es18 or skullcandy s2dudz-040
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    Which one???

    Guys should i buy hp envy 4-1002tx d one wit corei7 or inspiron 15R SE...mainly 4 gamin&video renderin(aftreffects&premier pro)
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    Performance laptop needed!!!

    Am planning on to buy a lap wit corei7,8gb ram,2gb(nvidia or ati which ever is bettr) graphics,750gb or 1tb hdd...i vl be using it 4 gaming as well as video rendering softwares like aftereffects cs6,premier pro cs6,vegas...photoshop cs6 etc...am planning 2ĺb
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