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    Suggest a humble laptop!!! URGENT!!!

    I am in need of a general day2day purpose office laptop... my budget is around 25,000... I dont have any fascination for i-core processors... just that the laptop should have decent speed and workability(with corel/photoshop etc.) Please suggest me one.. I will buy it within the next week
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    Kumbhakarn monitor !!! Helllppppp!!

    guys I got a LG flatron E700SH 15" monitor a few years back. off late it has started showing its true colour. After I put on the computer, the small power button on the monitor keeps on blinking(at a fast pace, gradually slowing down) for 2-3 hours and then the monitor comes to life. Yesterday...
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    Suggest a festive graphics card

    Guys I'm planning to buy my first ever graphics card this festive season.. :P so please suggest me the best graphics card with the following specs within a range of around 6k. It would also be very helpful if you can provide address of the dealer specifically in kolkata. SPECS:- MB:- Gigabyte...
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    Bringing home a new Dhanteras gift...HELP!!!

    I m planning to buy a new machine this Dhanteras in Kolkata.. so guys plzz help me in this.. I'll jot down my specification:- 1) Budget 12K ... WITHOUT MONITOR, UPS, MOUSE-KEYBOARD, SOUND BOX, & DVD ROM 2) Quote the prices of each of the hardware as well (preferably Kolkata prices) 3) I...
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    Real Dilemma.... Plzzzz Helpppp

    hey guys just as I was getting ready to buy the PALIT ATI Radeon Super HD 4670 graphics card I came to know that ATI is the brand of AMD, whereas my MB is Gigabyte 945 GCM-S2L(with PCI-E 16x slot) with an Intel Processor (C2D 2.66Ghz), now I am in real fix... I have no idea whether the ATI...
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    How to integrate Webcam in GoogleTalk

    hey dudes...... I've been using Google Talk for quite a while now ... its seems a nice app but for one BIG hitch....... I cant use my webcam while chatting... can any one of u techies out there come up with a solution??? NB -> I've used one third party sw..... but as expected..... it did...
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    Newly bought machine making me cry !!!

    I recently bought a new machine AMD64(3000+) AM2; 512 DDRII ; 160 GB SATA; MB- ASUS M2V TVM (assembled; detail specification included). The machine is giving me goose-bumps whenever I try to install the OS(XP SP2). Let me be more specific. When my friend was assembling the PC, I unknowingly...
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    Brand New machine making me cry !!!

    hi.. ...this is my 1st post here......anyway lets talk business right away......I've bought this new computer ASUS motherboard(M2V-TVM) and AMD 64 (AM2) 3000+ processor......512 DDR II RAM ....my problem is that though the performance of this is quite satisfactory but there r certain games...
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