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    Any reviews on NXG Electronics Xtab A10 ?

    ya you are right we will get tata photon free but what i think is that xtab a10 is better than both funbook and veedee d10 with a stylish look, metallic back panel, 1.5 gz processor and very good screen quality i suppose, what do you guys say???
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    Any reviews on NXG Electronics Xtab A10 ?

    guys what are the main and exact difference between xtab a10 veedee d10 and micromax funbook apart from the price.
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    BSNL pantel IS701R review

    Hai Saurav, I too have recieved an email stating that my penta tpad delivery is ready and before purchasing this tablet i want to clear some of my doubts regarding this tablet so please clear my doubts. 1. How does this tablet work with resistive screen especially while playing games...
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