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    Need Help With Internet Connection Sharing

    Thanks Niharuce...but im still confused the main Pc has only one ehternet port. Does that mean i have to add one more ethernet card (one port for the modem and one port for the switch??) Sorry to bug you again.:)
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    Need Help With Internet Connection Sharing

    How do I share a 256 Kbps broadband internet connection between 3 Pcs all running Windows XP professional (with sp2) I have only an 8 port switch and the cables. Please reply with step by step instructions on how to set them up. Thanks in advance :)
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    OK To cut a long story short, how do I replace this file in win98?
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    Trojano-g. Infection

    My Avast Antivirus detects a worm/virus Win32:Trojano_G (Trj) on one executible file that i got from my friend. But my antivirus cannot repair it. What should i do. I dont want to delete the file.
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