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  1. 2kewl

    Suggestions for a 125 cc bike!

    Hey Guys, Need suggestions for a 125 cc bike. Mostly for city driving. Riding comfort and good enough mileage is what I am looking for. I am 6'3" tall. Options: Yamaha Gladiator SS Honda Shine Bajaj Discover 135 Have heard a lot of negative reviews about XCD and Flame, but inputs...
  2. 2kewl

    Giftmate 'Shop-for-Half' offer!

    Another awesome offer from giftmate! Buy a 125/250/500/1000 worth voucher from giftmate and get double the amount deposited in your giftmate account. You can use the money for shopping online among their supported merchants...
  3. 2kewl

    RAM Query!

    Hey Guys! I recently installed a 512 DDR 266 alongside my 256 DDR333. I thought it shouldn't be a problem as the both should run at 266. Howver my 266 RAM is OC at 333 and as a result Im getting errors with many programsn and also frequent BSOD's. Is there a way I can make both the RAM's...
  4. 2kewl

    Now, get SMS alerts free of cost!

    Nice...signed up for cricket and astrology :rolleyes: Visit http://www.mytodaysms.com/ for more info Rediff Rajesh S Kurup in Mumbai February 01, 2008 10:31 IST Heralding a sign of times to come, a mobile solutions provider has begun delivering SMS alerts free-of-cost to cellular...
  5. 2kewl

    Upgrade Query!

    Hey Guys, I have a P-4 2.4Ghz - 256 MB RAm - 40 GB HDD for 4 years. Now I've run out of space on it and need to upgrade the HDD. I also want to upgrade the RAM to 1GB and get a DVD writer. Need suggestions from you guys as you which brand to choose. thx!
  6. 2kewl

    All-in-one printer suggestion

    Can you guys suggest a cheap, good all-in-one printer for home use? Wouldn't be using it very regularly. Budget: About 5K Thanx!
  7. 2kewl

    Samsung launches Metal 5, the slimmest 5-megapixel phone in India

    Dec 06, 2007 Compare India Samsung Electronics announced the launch of 'The Metal 5' in India. The latest Metal 5 is also the world's slimmest 5-megapixel camera phone. The Metal 5 is the latest addition to Samsung’s stylish metal series. This slider phone is a fusion of design...
  8. 2kewl

    Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Announced!

    Walkman Killer is finally Here :cool: Live Pics: http://www.engadgetmobile.com/photos/nokia-xpressmusic-5610-hands-on/371829/ Technical specifications Key features * Slide form factor, black high gloss finish, with scratch protection and aluminum side panels * Music...
  9. 2kewl

    XP Shutdown Problem!

    Guys..have been getting this problem of late. My system hangs at the shut down screen. It doesn't shut down and I have to shut it down in the safe mode. My OS is XP + SP2. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  10. 2kewl

    W950i @ 13.5 K?

    Just came acroos this: :o :o http://www.homeshop18.com/hs18shop/faces/tiles/product.jsp?productID=2847&catalogueID=2&categoryID=941&parentCategoryID=910
  11. 2kewl

    Suggest a DVD Writer!

    Suggest me a good DVD writer, Guys..Planning to buy one! Pls specify the price as well!
  12. 2kewl

    Internet Security?

    What Internet Security suite do u guys use? Pls reply
  13. 2kewl

    one of the file containing registry data..

    Whenever I start my computer, I get this message "ONE OF THE FILES CONTAINING THE SYSTEMS REGISTRY DATE HAD TO BE RECOVERED BY THE USE OF THE LOG OR ALTERNATE COPY." Can neone temme how to fix this? OS: Win XP + SP2
  14. 2kewl

    Nokia Announces Seven Handsets for Emerging Markets

    From a press event in New Delhi, India today, Nokia has announced seven new handsets that cater to emerging markets and developing nations. Nokia, along with Motorola, has shown a lot of initiative in bringing low-cost handsets into these markets, and has proven today that an ultra-low price...
  15. 2kewl

    Google "dual-face" concept phone pics ?

    I love these soft keys idea. This should catch on! Very little to say here but wow, this is one handsome-looking handset. The gents at dogorgod.com created this beautiful render of what they think the well-rumored Google device could potentially look like. We're in love with the softkeys...
  16. 2kewl

    W610i available yet?

    I know that it is officially out but is it available in Indian markets yet?
  17. 2kewl

    Altec ATP3 speakers

    Hello Guys, Am thinkin of gettin an Altec ATP3. I need some reviews/feedback on it. Pls help :razz:
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