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  1. soyab0007

    Free VPN - Opera Browser

    Free VPN - Opera Browser Its a big deal - Opera is now the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on...
  2. soyab0007

    How to get more visitors to Blog/website??

    As the title says, How to get more visitors to Blog/website?? need more visitors for my website www.janta.pw
  3. soyab0007

    Canon E510 Printer with different catridge - Possible

    I am having canon E510 printer, where I was short of black Ink cartridge Have purchased Canon CLI-8 Blk Ink cartridge from local shop for Rs 610.. Later found that it doesn't support my printer. Whereas my printer support Canon PG-88 local shop person is not taking it back.. Is there any...
  4. soyab0007

    [For Sale] Brand New - Seal Packed Items with Warranty - Have a look

    Brand New ---Headphones | HDD | USB Drives 64GB/128GB | Speakers | Rams | Processor | Below are the Brand new products which have been purchased from Flipkart, Amazon & Paytm, you can say excessive purchases. Not needed anymore. SteelSeries 5H v3 Wired Headset(Black) - Rs 4600 Sandisk...
  5. soyab0007

    The Big Billion Day - Flipkart - All Deals and Offers

    #Big Billion Day – Flipkart – Mark Date on your calendars 6th Oct. 2014. Big Discounts,Cashback and Much More . How to get this deal Click here to go to Flipkart. 10% Off On Standard Charted Credit & Debit Card Under the offer all Standard Chartered Credit and Debit Card holders...
  6. soyab0007

    Offline vs online: Traders to not supply goods to e-tailers over pricing

    Offline vs online: Traders to not supply goods to e-tailers over pricing NEW DELHI: IT and telecom products traders' association All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA) has asked its about 25,000 members across country to stop supplying goods to e-commerce portals and retailers if they...
  7. soyab0007

    Is Cyber Cafe a Profitable Business today?

    Is Cyber cafe still a profitable business in current scenario? Where tablets, phablets, etc are more common for daily usage of surfing & downloading.. Me & my friend planning to start a cyber cafe with atleast 12-15 PCs but I doubt will it work in current scenario.. Need advice here..
  8. soyab0007

    Caution : Current Pending Sector Count

    I am getting this error, what should I do... All my data was on this HDD..
  9. soyab0007

    Download using Usb router without turning ON PC

    Hi, I want to do possible 24/7 download, and my PC config is AMD Phenom X4 840 Gigabyte GA 78 4gb ddr3 ram Gigabyte 1gb DDR5 gfx card DELL ST22 LED 1TB Seagate HDD 1.5TB WD Green Corsair cx 430 v2 Seagate Go flex USB 3.0 1TB Planning to purchase a router which can support USB.. Now I want...
  10. soyab0007

    What Lord Macaulay Said About India In 1835 - Every Indian Should Read This

    Lord Macaulay said the following about India in 1835 in British Parliament. "I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do...
  11. soyab0007

    [Want to Buy] Urgent - Netbook | Acer Aspire one | Asus | Samsung

    Urgently looking for Netbook for office purpose.. Acer Aspire one | Asus x101/1000h | Samsung | Dell | Any Notebook model Provide more details about Model no, warranty, condition, accessories, specs.. Pm me your offers, Mumbai sellers preferred for face to face and convenient deal..
  12. soyab0007

    Intel i7 920

    Intel i7 920 Is it a good processor compared to current generation / difference ? Also does this processor supports Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz frequency ram? I am getting above processor for Rs 6000
  13. soyab0007

    Why Sailfish is better as a modern OS? Here is a comparison

    Ahoy sailors! Ever since Sailfish is known to us as an operating system not an actual “fish”, there were a lot of demos on YouTube; many people were literally amazed by the work of Finnish, some went: “This’ll be a failure like MeeGo-Harmattan” Which in fact wasn’t a failure and you’ll only know...
  14. soyab0007

    Comedy night with kapil highest trp rating

    COMEDY NIGHT WITH KAPIL HIGHEST TRP RATING ON INDIAN TELVISION COMEDY SHOW BEST 2013 COMEDY SHOW ON COLORS-COMEDY NIGHT WITH KAPIL(HIGH TRP) :runaround: :runaround: :runaround: Comedy Nights With Kapil (TRP Chart) Week Date TVT(TRP) GUESTS Calendar Week 1 22-23 June 6749...
  15. soyab0007

    [For Sale] Corsair GS 600 80+ Bronze certified PSU (New Packed) (2pcs)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: CORSAIR GS600 600W 80+ Certified Power Supply (2 Pcs) Expected Price: Rs 4500/- Each Time of Purchase: Nov 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 2 years & 2 Months warranty remaining Reason...
  16. soyab0007

    [For Sale] C2Q6600|TV Tuner Card|Gfx Card|Ram|Wifi Adapter|Mobile|Mouse|Many More|

    For Sale ! /**********************************\ Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 Expected Price: Rs 4200 Time of Purchase: 2009 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Reason for Sale: Lying unused (Moved to Phenom setup). Purchase...
  17. soyab0007

    HP Probook 4320s queries

    HP Probook 4320s i3 m330 processor 2 gb ram 250 hdd, card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1gb inbuilt graphics 2 mega pixel in built webcam. no battery speaker & dvd not working is only the issue I am getting above laptop at Rs 11000 Looking to purchase laptop for daily purposes & casual gaming...
  18. soyab0007

    Gigabyte Graphics card service centre

    I am getting display issue with Gigabyte HD 7770 card, Want to know the service centre in Mumbai?
  19. soyab0007

    How much power does a computer use when its on standby?

    How much power does a computer use when its on standby?I leave my computer on 12-14 hours a day, i think its better for the computer to leave it on but i am now trying to conserve electricity because my bill was too high, i want to know if my computer even uses enough electricity to make any...
  20. soyab0007

    [Urgent] Edit/Enter text in Image (Jpg) File

    Is there any way to Edit/enter text in above image file in word/excel? I want to create a sale invoice at the earliest and find the above template from google but unable to edit the contents in it..
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