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  1. godsownman

    Thinkpad E420-No Sound from Internal Speakers

    Hello, We just purchased ( 7 days back) a Thinkpad E420 series laptop. This came without the OS pre-installed. So I installed the OS( Windows 7 ultimate) and then through the Lenovo software updater , installed all the drivers. Now, the problem we are facing is - this machine refuses...
  2. godsownman

    Lenovo Thinkpad v/s Lenovo Ideapad

    Hello, I am looking for a laptop. I would like your advice to help me shortlist. My basic usage of the laptop would be for general and essential work. No gaming, no animation. A. Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 420 -2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3-2310M Processor ( 2.10GHz 1333MHz ) -320 GB HDD...
  3. godsownman

    Compaq / HP Ipaq H3800 Battery

    Hello everyone: My dads got a Compaq ( now HP) Ipaq H3800. Its roughly abt 5-6 years old. Since two days the machine refuses to boot on battery power, I leave the machine to charge - it charges and the charge bar shows that it moves and goes to 100% and completes charging. However the...
  4. godsownman

    Mysterious Problem

    Hi Guys, I have a Second PC thats really old. Its got a very simple config. Pentium3 600MHz ,20Gb HDD+ 8 GB HDD, 128 MB SDRam, CD writer. With Windows XP SP2. I have two problems with this : Problem 1. Ive been facing a problem with it since a while. Earlier the HDD drives+...
  5. godsownman

    PC Woes

    Hello! A Friend of mine is facing a slight problem for quite a while. I'd be grateful if you all can help in diagnosing what the problem is. Here goes, The problem is that every morning after he restarts the computer, it restarts on its own every 5-10 minutes, for 5 to 6 times atleast. This...
  6. godsownman

    PC Starts -> Switches Off -> Starts

    Hi guys, My PC has got this problem. When I start it the power light starts and 2 seconds later the PC switches off, Then within a second sometimes it starts on its own or I have to press the switch again for it to start. This has been happenning quite often now and its generally after the...
  7. godsownman

    Samsung LCD 19" power supply

    Hi guys, I know this question may be a little out of place here but I need some help. Samsung sells their 19" montors (Samsung 920BW ) monitors with a in-box power supply cable that is a 15 amp power supply ( The big one we use for water heaters). The wall socket that I have is a 5 amp...
  8. godsownman

    Samsung 19" LCD

    Hi guys, I know this question may be a little out of place here but I need some help. Samsung sells their 19" montors (Samsung 920BW ) monitors with a in-box power supply cable that is a 15 amp power supply ( The big one we use for water heaters). The wall socket that I have is a 5 amp...
  9. godsownman

    Suggest a motherboard

    Hi, Im in the process for finalising my pc configuration, the only hiccup at this stage is the motherboard. I can't seem to find a suitable one that will go with either of the following processors. New Ones C2D E6750 2.66 GHz @ 1333MHz FSB C2D E6850 3.00 GHz @ 1333MHz FSBOld Ones C2D...
  10. godsownman

    Which processor to buy ?

    Now that Intels officially introduced new products and lowered the price on some products ( Read HERE) and I've held up purchasing my pc since the begining of this month, I thought it would be better to purchase something new and be future proof rather than buy something cheaper and have it...
  11. godsownman

    Processor fan not working

    Hello, Since this morning, Ive noticed that my processor fan isnt working. Can somebody please giude me with what is to be done. I know that I without the fan the processor can get ruined but right now, I am externally cooling it (processor) with a table fan and it seems to be working. I am...
  12. godsownman

    Razr or K750i

    Hi guys, Im in a dilema choosing between the Razr V3i and the SE k750i/w700i .( Originally I had put w810i here but I've edited it due to budget restrictions.)Some places I see it branded as w800i and some places its w700i what's the difference. Could someone please enlighten me on the pros...
  13. godsownman

    Google's GBuy

    Lets see what this unleashes. Read further at vnunet.com
  14. godsownman

    Create, store and share spreadsheets on the web, Wonder how ?

    Would you want to do so ? Then simply hop over to the new Google Labs creation presently under the beta banner with 'Limited test' attached. The invitations are being distributed on a First-Come-First-Served basis.:o EDITED ON 20th June, 2006 Invitations have stopped as of now...
  15. godsownman

    Remote Desktop

    I want to connect to a remote desktop in my college to do some project work. Now the problem is that I cannot use Windows Remote Desktop as the computer that I want to connect to is part of a LAN in college. So one of my friends recommended I use Tight VNC, I managed to download it and do...
  16. godsownman

    Visual Basic Query

    I would like to know what is the code in VB to automatically stop an applications functioning after a fixed amount of executions. What I mean is I want to create a application which can be used to trial purposes. I want to know for curiosity sake. Thanks
  17. godsownman

    Mtnl Dolphin - Sms from the Net FREE

    I want to send SMS' via the internet FREE to one of my friends using MTNL's Dolphin service. I found that only Chikka allows us to send SMS's but only 10 in one cycle and thats too little. I did search the forum but did not find any useful links. MTNL's website allows us to send SMS...
  18. godsownman

    NTFS Permissions creating havoc

    Hi, Let me first give you a run up on the series of events that have occured. I formatted my comp [Fat 32] and installed windows. Now since I have 2 physical drives on my comp, I formatted the second one, but to NTFS. After that I copied some music files to that drive. Then I was...
  19. godsownman

    Wma to Mp3 converter

    Please give me some names of softwares that can be used to convert from wma to mp3. I must have downloaded half a dozen by now but each one has got it own set of nasty comments and this prevents me from getting the task done. I have even tried searching the forum but to no avail. Thanks
  20. godsownman


    Whenever I am surfing this forum and if I happen to select a thread before the page completes loading , it completely stops this forum. I cannot surf further. I have to shut the present open browser not tab , browser and then restart it to work. Do any of you all face a similar problem...
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