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  1. sysfilez

    [Want to Buy] AMD Socket AM2 Motherboard

    I am looking to buy a AMD Socket AM2 Motherboard for my Athlon 64 X2 CPU. I am based in kolkata, anybody willing to sell the same can reach me at 9748448268 Regards,
  2. sysfilez

    Pls help me unlock

    My nephews Micromax Funbook Infinity Model P275 got locked due to "too many pattern attempts!" unfortunately he also doesn't remember his Google Id to Unlock. This tablet doent have a Volume key. I have the data cable to connect it to the pc. I have tried instructions given on the net to...
  3. sysfilez

    Suggestions for new PC for intended use Adobe Premier Pro CS6

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Primary use will be for high end HD Video Editing and...
  4. sysfilez

    Pls Pls all the hardware geeks come to resue.

    PC Config: AMD Phenom X3 8650 Tricore 2.3Ghz Mobo Asus M3A78-EM Memory 1GB x 2 in Dual Channel Seagate 500GB HDD PSU Corsair CX500 Other Devices: One D-Link DFE 520TX PCI fast Ethernet Adapter. Normal CPU Temp is 50deg C approx Mobo Temp is 45deg C approx OS - Windows 7 Ultimate...
  5. sysfilez

    Suggest a Laptop with 34K.

    Intend to buy a laptop for my brother in the coming week. Usage: Home usage Max Rs. 34000/- (inclusive tax) Prefered brands: HP, DELL (suggestion from other brands are also welcome) Screen Size: 15" (Matt screen) Sud come with Windows 7 OS (upgradable to Win 8) Ram: 4gb
  6. sysfilez

    BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :(

    BIOS>Power> 12v is showing 17.1v and in red :( Hi folks, Posting after a long time, my pc hanged on quite a last few occasions, when i reboot my pc it halts at this BIOS msg, refer to "img 1" and then after entering setup Power>Hardware Monitor> 12v is reading over 17v please...
  7. sysfilez

    Nokia E5 or HTC Explorer, please suggest

    this weekend i m planning to buy a new cell fone. i have short listed Nokia E5 and HTC Explorer. I know the E5 thoroughly but wanted the user review/experience of HTC Explorer. Please suggest.
  8. sysfilez

    Please Suggest a TV

    I am planning to buy a new tv, my budget is max 25,000/- all inclusive. Please suggest a best buy within my budget.
  9. sysfilez

    Suggest me a PC under 19K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:Office work, Internet, Downloading. 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but...
  10. sysfilez

    Need Suggestions

    I am looking to built a new PC within 20K. Pls give the best possible AMD Solution with DDR3 Support. I dont need speakers. 16" TFT Monitor will b ok. Regards,
  11. sysfilez

    Review my last eve purchase

    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1055 GPU - Powercolor HD5850 (COD Edition) RAM - Corsair XMS3 2*2gb DDR3 at 2000mhz HDD - Seagate 1TB Chassis - Cooler Master Elite 430 Black PSU - Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W
  12. sysfilez

    Broadband Modems

    I have two broadband modems/routers which i want to sell. Details are given below 1. Telenet model no. TNDSL 2120 (White color) Reason for sale: Using different modem presently Warranty Details: Warranty expried Expected Price: Rs. 500/- Location of Seller: Kolkata...
  13. sysfilez

    Broadband ADSL Modem

    1. Telenet TNDSL 2120 ADSL2 modem/router with power adapter. 2. TAD100 ADSL2+ router with power adapter. Expected price 1000/- Buyers from kolkata preferred. Contact me sysfilez@hotmail.com
  14. sysfilez

    Help strange problem.

    i am encountering a strange problem. whenever i switch on the power switch on the ac wall socket the computer starts booting even b4 using the power switch on computer cabinet. Wen i shut down windows xp it shuts in a normal way and there is no power. Please give some idea as to where or what...
  15. sysfilez

    Please suggest an Upgrade

    I have Rs. 10,400/- from which to buy a CPU, Motherboard and 2gb Memory. I am opting for AMD CPU & DDR 3 ram modules. Please suggest me the best combination of these three within my budget.
  16. sysfilez

    MSI K8MM-V + Seagate 500Gb Sata

    I have this mobo MSI K8MM-V with AMD Athlon 64 CPU. its running fine i got this new hdd seagate 500gb sata and its not getting detected in the bios. can some one help me on this issue. does this mobo support even 500gb? tnx in adv.
  17. sysfilez

    Suggestions Pls

    I had a Asus A8N-E mobo after few months of perfect working it showed up video controller problem and there was no display, it was replaced by Rashi peripherals and i got a M2N-E well in tat case i had to change the CPU and RAM. now last night i had the same problem with M2N-E that is video...
  18. sysfilez

    Please help

    My motherboard is dead. I am looking to buy a new motherboard and a new processor. I have Rs 5,500/- to spare, please pls suggest me the best possible combination/stuff i can buy with that little sum of money. Thanks in advance.
  19. sysfilez

    CPU & Memory Module on Sale.

    I have a AMD Athlon 64 (939pin) 3500+ on sale. Transcend memory 512Mb DDR 400Mhz *2 on sale. (Not in dual channel) Interested buyers please pm me your offer.
  20. sysfilez

    I am upgrading, pls review.

    I am getting a Asus M2N-E mobo with AMD X2 4200+. I am thinking on getting the value series OCZ/Corsair Ram Dual Channel 800mhz 1gb*2. Is this config a good one or i sud add something else.
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