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    [Want to Buy] URGENT: AM2 Socket motherboard

    Pm me with offers
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    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for a Air cooler for i7
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    [Want to Buy] Fans, n other stuff

    I require 4 120 mm Fans It should be Minimum 90 CFM + Working perfect, no cracks broken blades, noise etc Not looking particularly for noiseless fans Blue led fans and UV fans only Budget for each fan - approx 250-300 depending on brand Pm me offers No need to bump the thread with offers...
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    I need a good computer table, A flat top one. similar to ones given below. need asap and mumbai sellers only for obvious reasons. Should be cosmetically good without abuses ;) Send me quick pm's along with a pic.
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    [Want to Buy] LCD

    need cheap lcd 17" or more Mumbai pm offers
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    Need a graphic card capable to playing BF3 - battlefield 3 and other latest games in medium - high settings Need 2 One low Budget - 3k One mid budget - 5k Pm me offers
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    PC components - CPU, PSU, GPU, RAMS and LCD

    I am looking to resurrect my dead PC2 So in need of the following 1) Quad Processor or better : AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE AMD Phenom II X4 945 AMD Phenom II X4 925 I may have missed out few, but if you have an offer send it through. 2) LCD Monitor 17" or...
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    Nokia N73 for sale

    I am planning to sell my nokia n73, brought from a friend. Reason for selling, want to go for a better N series model. Condition : The body of the phone is in good condition with scratch guard on the screen. The functions are working properly etc... Price: 7500/- only mumbai buyers...
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    Stuff For Sale: Hdd's and Psu

    I have 2 Hdd's for sale, 250 Gb samsung Sata= 1750/- 160 gb Samsung Sata= 1450/- Both have ample warranty till approx 2011 or 2012...don't remember. mumbai buyers preferred. Reason for sale: Brought 2x320 gb Hdd's Also have...
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    8600 GT OC edition for sale

    Selling a Galaxy 8600 GT Overclocked edition 256 mb DDR3 Graphic card. Selling for 2700/-. Reason for sale: Tempted to buy 8800 Card. No low balling as price is reasonable for the factory overclocked card. Mumbai buyer only, no shipping. In case sale does not happen will retain the card for...
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    Seagate HDD for sale

    I have a 80 Gb Seagate HDD for sale, ... cost Rs 1100/- has warranty left, have bills in case you need it... Looking for immediate sale in mumbai. No shipping.
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    Graphic Card and Rams for Sale - Grab them fast!!!

    need a quick sale to put cash in a higher graphic card.. items for sale: 1) EVGA 8400 GS 256 MB Graphic Card - now reduced to 1100/- 2) 2 X 1 GB Ram DDR2 667 Mhz Transcend - Rs 400/- Each mumbai buyers preferred.. No hold for anyone, whoever pays first gets first... Shipping...
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    PC restarts randomly

    I have a 80 Gb HDD IDE, on which I have installed Xp and vista, The drive consists of 3 partitions,. Now I attached 160 Gb SATA, without making any changes to BIOS, SATA HDD got detected as well, But when I Start XP I get a BSOD, and PC restarts itself. The same does not occur in VISTA...
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    P4 Motherboard and Processor for really quick sale + ddr1 Ram

    P4 1.6 ghz processor for 600/- bucks !!!! * P4 Motherboard (P4VMM2 VIA Vt 8235 Fsb : 533) for 800/- * P4 1.6 ghz processor for 600/- * RAM Blitz 512mb DDR400 for 500/- (DDR1) - brought on 30/06/08 I want to sell my P4 proccy and motherboard, really quick to buy another system. The...
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    Processor suggestions

    I was planning to get my old PC upgraded, and wanted suggestions regarding second hand processors. Which one is better for gaming and cpu intensive applications. E4300 or P4 3.2 Ghz also E4300 is a core 2 duo proccy right ? Which will give better performance at stock speeds. Also will...
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    Playstation 2 Noob Questions!!

    I am new to this PS2 stuff and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help. And plz do not tell me there are thousands of threads with similar issues. I am starting this thread as I need some answers For my questions. Alright here it is: 1) Which model of PS2 Is available in the...
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    Best Mobile under 6K

    I am planning to get a mobile. My budget is 6K, I am looking for a mobile that has the foll features any make! 1) bluetooth 2) pc connectivity 3) mp3 ringtones 4) camera ( doesn't matter how much pixels) 5) internet 6) large screen 7) Music 8) Good inbuilt memory ( can be expandible)...
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    Want to buy the best laptop need help.

    My budget for the laptop varies from 20k to 35k I will be using the laptop for movies and music and work! Gaming maybe! I should be able to install the latest vista version The hdd space should be 160 gb+ I stay at mumbai, Ok now I need the following info 1) which brands should I go for...
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    Harddisk Problem Plz help

    I have a 40 GB harddisk (IDE/ata) It has 1000+ bad sectors. It has some valuable data. I need to recover that. The HDD is Detectable but does not Show its drives or drive icon when booted from another harddisk. (I have 2 HDD) While formatting using partition manager, it gives me I/O error...
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    Operating Systems

    I have the following operating systems cd,s I would like to know which is the best , so that i can install it. Plz note i do not have a tv tuner card for media center. the OS versions are as follows: 1)Professional versions -xp, Pro retail -xp,pro OEM -xp, pro Corp 2)Home versions...
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