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    Budget lappy/NEtbook only for coding

    Hi Guys ... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) As Minimum as Possible .. See my requirements first ... 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? NO Preferences 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? None 4) What are the primary tasks...
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    Windows 8 not ready for gaming ??

    Hey guys ... I did a clean install of windows 8 on my pc yesterday. After I installed all the basic apps and all , I tried installing all my games again .. But alas , none of the games worked .. I installed Arkham city and it is giving a fatal error(Something to do with .Net Framwork ) ... I...
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    Asus Radeon HD 7970 unboxing

    Congrats Man!!! Do post vantage score and heaven score...
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Just completed watching juro dreams in sushi.. Nice motivational movie... Strongly recommended...
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    Can i buy a set top box from black market ?

    The main reason for the rule that cable wallahs were losing revenue because people were buying splitters and running multiple tvs on a single line. Even if u somehow manage to get a STB from somewhere, you won't be able to get the card that identifies each user and STB uniquely.. Without that...
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    No dude I want a new one... But the issue is no one is replying in the peripherals section... Was there a price hike for the controller??? Ive gone through posts of previous years.. They bought it for like 1.35k or cheaper...
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Sorry to post this question here but its urgent... I am planning to buy a wired xbox controller fr my pc.. But the problem is I cant find a decent price in mumbai... All are around 2k.. Is the controller that expensive still??? Should I wait for some time for the price to drop?? Please...
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    Good shops on lamington road ...

    Thank you all.. I have dealt with primeabgb... Good pricing there.. But the lady that sits at the desk has pretty bad attitude issues... Talks rudely... And on the same floor.. Just opposite to abgb I found maestro computers... Neck-and-neck pricing to abgb.. The guy there is good to deal...
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    Tablet at around rs.15k

    I will say get the nexus 7... Reviews are pretty good...
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    XBOX Controller for PC price hike ??

    Hi guys , I am planning to buy an xbox controller for pc(wired). I have checked out flipkart and other sites ,they are not selling for less than 2k however, in digit november edition, in the configurations section >> xbox controller for pc the price is given as 1.35k How can there be such a...
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    Google Nexus 4 Thread

    I have a galaxy nexus 16GB that I bought in july from dubai.. From there also I got it for 22k... No way the price is gonna be lower than that... Also all the above matters only if they decide to release the phone in India in the first place...
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    Are Cowon SE2 earphones good?

    Hi all, I received my Jan Edition 2 hrs back and received the earphones 5 mins back ... Eagerly unpacked and plugged it in .. I was disappointed with the quality ... they say the MRP is Rs.700 .. for that price point it has very mediocre sound quality ... I have earlier used philips...
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    Wanna buy a new Computer.

    @ OP : Get the MSi 560ti TF II ... I own it ... And it runs awesome ... I will also recommend the GS600 @ 4k ... As Cilus said .. If planning to unlock .. then get a 6950 all the way !!!!
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    HD6950 Overclocked to 900MHz - Stock Volt

    :thumbs: :thumbs: Great Job Jas !!! :thumbs: :thumbs: Even I want to try my luck at OC`ing but can`t find the time to do it ... keep up the good work ... OC further by tweaking voltages this time ....
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    Post your 3DMark Results in Here

    Vantage score .... Please Update ...
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    Speaker around 2.5k...Philps 5.1 or Altec Lansing 2.1???

    Shops in mumbai dont give demos ..:-( but Im very happy with my VS2126 ... one yr on ...running gr8 ... Sent from my Galaxy 5
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Story of my life ...Most of the time its the second case .... :-( Sent from my Galaxy 5
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    Post your 3DMark Results in Here

    @topgear : I hav to check ... My comps not in service ... house renovation going on ... Will post as soon as I get my machine clean and running .... Sent from my Galaxy 5
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    Gtx 560ti BSoD problem ...

    Update : After I did the above settings ... I got BSoD only once or twice since then ... very smooth Heaven and 3dMark 11 ... Are rare BSoDs something 2 worry about? ?? I got them while playin NFS hot pursuit ... Sent from my Galaxy 5
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