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    USB sound card

    hello, I have a laptop(lenevo Z750) with realtek HD sound and recently i purchased decent headphones for it. (32 ohms impedance). now perhaps because of impedance(earphones with 16 ohms impedance gives good sound level) i m not getting enough sound output. I have tried everything and come...
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    Need 24" or 23" LED monitor

    I m looking for 24" or 23" LED Full HD with HDMI monitors, which is the best one out there, price should be less than 15k, looking for great picture quality and good service
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    best Dual Sim Phone

    Hello People, I m looking for a Dual Sim Phone under 5k, The features i m looking in that order are 1) Very Good Battery ( Will be using it for a lot of talking). 2) FM Radio 3) Music Player. 4) Anything added is advantage. I know that a lot of phone are there in the market today ...
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    Please Suggest a Good Overclocking Mobo ( with P/Q 45 Chipset)

    hello people, I have a Core2Duo (2.53 GHz) and i m planning to overclock it, before u say anything about its being old and its overclocking capabilities, i know its old and has lesser overclocking potential than the newer Processors. So this out of purely academic interest that i want to...
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    Suggestion For Upgrade

    Suggestion For Upgrade[ overclocking mobo + HSF ] hello people, I m returning to this forum after a long time, was extremely busy, with job,traveling, family and other stuff. I have a two year old system comprising Intel C2D E7200 on Intel DG31PR ( Both have a year of warranty left), 2Gb DDR2...
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    P4 3GHz 800MHz Presscott for sale

    i have an 1)intel P4 3.0 GHz (478 socket ),800MHz FSB ,with intel HSF for sale (more than 3 years old) 2) simmtronics 845G mother board with AGP slot (4 months old ..still under warranty,i will make sure u get it if u are in chennai) reason for sale -- my old mobo asus PC800 dlx gone kaput...
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    what is the size of monitor,u are using right now ?

    hello people i wanted to know what is the monitor size ...u people are using now? this is to know actually how many people are actually using full HD ... or how many people are still with 17" monitors? ....it helps a lot when we discuss new graphics card thats coming up now ...most of the review...
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    computer hardware vendors in chennai

    after a long search through the posts here and even over the internet i found that people in chennai actually find it difficult to come across good stuff in Chennai ...i don't know if there are many people here from Chennai ...since i came to Chennai (about 4 years ago ) i have seen that its...
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    which mobile to buy ?

    i m looking to buy a mobile phone... these are the factors i have to consider as i m buying it for my mom...who is not so tech savvy..she is alright with them so i need a good , strong built model upto 16k~18k ...want to gift her on her birthday. was thinking about iphone3g ...but its...
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    FS - P4 3.06 GHz,socket 478,prescott.

    recently my motherboard P4C800 failed to start.I had a P4 3.06 GHz(800FSB) socket 478 running on i with 2x256 DDR I RAM running,with an AGP 8x card.and SATA 160 GB. after a neck breaking search in my place (all over chennai) i couldn't find a motherboard which supports SATA and has an AGP slot...
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    which computer online shop gives delivery in india?

    hi i would like to know to from people who buys stuff online,which online shop based in us or uk,gives delivery in india n are reliable too!
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    where in india can i get this ?

    i m looking for a an AGP 8X card ,and i found recently while reasearching that a card from ati raedon POWERCOLOR AG3850 512 Mb agp 8X, but after a lot of searching still i don't know if this card is available in india or will b availabe soon ? i would like to know if anybody knows about this...
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