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  1. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Thanks jask! Yes Zero Core is pretty sweet i think - idle temps are at a cool 30' C [with room temps of about 20' C]. Even the psu is running quite nice I think [saved about $150 getting that one instead of an Enermax 1000 watt]. Yupyup ill be sure to submit benchies to hwbot; TDF zindabad! Heheh
  2. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Thanks a lot for the help guys. In the end i got a crucial m3 ssd/corsair gs 800 psu/a 2600k/4 gigs of ram. Cost me around $1400 total (60k ish) so all in all im pretty happy with my purchase since its working great and i didn't completely use up my allotted budget. I don't think ill add a...
  3. jz2linkinpark

    Hi. I worked from 2010-2011 but at the moment I am finishing off my last year of university. I...

    Hi. I worked from 2010-2011 but at the moment I am finishing off my last year of university. I am going to go back to work this May.
  4. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Hey all. Ok so thanks all for the feedback and I suppose you guys were quite right the rig just wasn't that optimized for gaming. Well anyway I've started researching stuff again and what do you all think of this? I've put all the money in where it counts and let go of the useless stuff: I5...
  5. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Thanks for the tip about the ssd Ico its precisely that type of specialised knowledge that brought me to this forum for advice :) Yeah i kind of agree on the tip about not getting a 3930k to be honest. It costs $660+tax whereas the 2600 costs 350 so the difference comes down to about $350 when...
  6. jz2linkinpark

    Bad experience at lamington

    I'm not particularly sure about laws in Maharashtra state but if someone tried this kind of thing in Canada they would get slapped with a lawsuit so fast it would make their head spin
  7. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Ahhh thanks last time i visited this forum was about 5 years ago when it was still a free for all and people usually just posted their requirements however they wanted XD 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not...
  8. jz2linkinpark

    Vancouver film school - Game design Feb 2012

    I am currently in my 4th year in Computational Theory at the University of Toronto and i can definitely tell you that the benefits outweigh the cost by a huge margin My fees are 27000 dollars a year. Paying this is no easy feat especially for an asian coming from asia. But the fact is, if you...
  9. jz2linkinpark

    About Dell Moniter

    The other guy already posted a link to an even better quality monitor at that exact price, so logic suggests that no, the one you're looking at is not worth 6k. Of course, that added bonus can tip the scales in the 20"s favor, but i wouldn't base my decision on some cheap accessory
  10. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Hi all ok so I've been away from the pc gaming scene for a while now due to various reasons but mostly since my Xbox 360 has always sufficed Ive been hearing many good things about this new gpu however so I've decided to purchase a new rig, but at the same time I don't know much about current...
  11. jz2linkinpark

    Intel to lower Processor Prices in 2Q 2007

    superb!!! e6700 will actually be affordable!! one more thing, what kind of motherboard will be required to run core2quad? thanks
  12. jz2linkinpark

    best torrent site for you all

    great site....some really awesome torrents in there, but for some reason it shows that download is forbidden,...:(
  13. jz2linkinpark

    FREE OFFER: Get Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007 Totally Free

    there has got to be a catch....why in the world would they offer shareware software for free?...hmmmm......:confused: but thanks anyway vishal...:)
  14. jz2linkinpark

    Vectra is Cool

    hey yeah....cool skin..:)
  15. jz2linkinpark

    CYBER CRIME: Christmas SPYWARE!!!

    thanks for warning us, and mihirvashist, what sprt of white hacking do you do??:)
  16. jz2linkinpark

    Paper Capable of 450GB of Storage

    what an awesome invention.........
  17. jz2linkinpark

    world orgasm day - for peace

    they are...:D
  18. jz2linkinpark

    about the A-List in digit !!!

    about the prive listings, i agree, more realistic prices should be displayed rather than "MRP" or perhaps they should list two different prices: MRP and approximate street price...:confused:
  19. jz2linkinpark

    Folder Changed To File

    what the...? maybe it was a zip. or rar, or iso or something file, and then maybe you uninstalled the program for opening it and now it seems as if windows is not recognizing the file???:confused:
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