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    [Want to Buy] URGENT: AM2 Socket motherboard

    Pm me with offers
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    Located in mumbai
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    Guys..I met with an accident..

    Happy birthday dude and get well soon. Best wishes. Out there you can't be playing roadrash ;) or superbikes
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    [Want to Buy] Fans, n other stuff

    Bump guys Pm offers
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    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for heatsinks Noctua, megalems, hyper 212+, N620 etc etc just pm me with offers;)
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    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for a Air cooler for i7
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    Computer Components - Desktop

    ygpm, let me know
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    Help for cs 1.6

    Pirated version have nothin to do with it, disable your firewall or change firewall to interactive. Then try n let us knw, check settings in your AntiVirus as well as Windows firewall
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    [Want to Buy] Fans, n other stuff

    I require 4 120 mm Fans It should be Minimum 90 CFM + Working perfect, no cracks broken blades, noise etc Not looking particularly for noiseless fans Blue led fans and UV fans only Budget for each fan - approx 250-300 depending on brand Pm me offers No need to bump the thread with offers...
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    bump for a computer table
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    no cabinet will be kept on top :) n yup few people may be looking for a change Ill buy a table from local shop if no offers, btw furniture is overpriced btw
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    I need a good computer table, A flat top one. similar to ones given below. need asap and mumbai sellers only for obvious reasons. Should be cosmetically good without abuses ;) Send me quick pm's along with a pic.
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    Still looking for a card in 3k
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    The RMA Experience Thread

    Wow really lucky dude :) njoy
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    Buyin a new PC. Please give me some advice...

    The motherboard should have a high tdp, around 125-140, 965be comes in 2 revisions one is 125 one go for this one...
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    Fan for GFX Card

    but if the card if cooled well with another fan in replacement. and the card is not burnt then is the rma successfully done with a missing fan ?
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    Fan for GFX Card

    I just had a doubt, what if the card is in warranty n the fan with stock heatsink stops working n then you eventually lose it. Then later your card stops working for some technical issue. It is still in warranty. Can an rma be done? Also for the op try checking passive coolers like accelero
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    Which MTNL unlimited plan should I choose?

    Just call them up and they will give you all the info you need. The websites are of no use :)
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    [Want to Buy] LCD

    need cheap lcd 17" or more Mumbai pm offers
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    bump hh
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