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  1. themadman

    For Sale HTC Tytn 2 going cheap !

    I have almost a year old HTC Tytn II for sale. The market price for this is 30000 rs. I am giving it away for only 13000 shipped. Sorry for the pics they are from my webcam which is all I have at the moment. I feel very sad to be parting with this phone since it is very dear to me. Especially...
  2. themadman

    FS/FT HTC Tytn 2 Only Kolkata

    FS/FT HTC Tytn 2 I want to sell my htc tytn 2 for 13k. Or I want to trade it with another good mobile. The market price of this mobile is 30k. here are the pics. IT was originally up on techenclave here http://www.techenclave.com/members-market/fs-htc-tytn-ii-8gb-card-136375.html I traded...
  3. themadman

    Tell the story Game

    Its very simple. Read the post above you and continue the story. Rules Each person only post one small sentence. Please keep it clean. Here I go. Once upon a time there was a hot girl named sweetie.
  4. themadman

    WTS Iphone 2g 16gb

    FS: Iphone 2g 16gb Unlocked 20k I want to sell my iphone 2g 16gb rs 20k. Only kolkata buyers because I do not want to ship it. It is in excellent condition with anti glare scratch guard and silicon case, a sync cable and a belt clip on hard case. The phone is jailbroken and unlocked to any...
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