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    USB sound card

    that sums it up. thanks tkin for that. thanks everyone for contributing and it helped me decide that i should go for steel series USB sound card. As the history suggests yes creative sound cards are notorious for their drivers, but it is also truth that they make the best sound processing...
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    USB sound card

    hi guys thanks a lot for replies .. @tkin in which way do u find .. steelseries card good ? and as far as i know that FIIO E6 is available with ITwares too for 1500/- .. but .. i was reading it somewhere .. that .. a sound card is more versatile .. as it help on games as well .. which FIIO...
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    USB sound card

    hello, I have a laptop(lenevo Z750) with realtek HD sound and recently i purchased decent headphones for it. (32 ohms impedance). now perhaps because of impedance(earphones with 16 ohms impedance gives good sound level) i m not getting enough sound output. I have tried everything and come...
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    Need 24" or 23" LED monitor

    I m looking for 24" or 23" LED Full HD with HDMI monitors, which is the best one out there, price should be less than 15k, looking for great picture quality and good service
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    22" 1080p Monitor Under 9K

    what is its price currently ?
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    best Dual Sim Phone

    thank you everyone ... how about macromax mobiles ? remember this is my secondary phone .. so i not looking
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    best Dual Sim Phone

    Hello People, I m looking for a Dual Sim Phone under 5k, The features i m looking in that order are 1) Very Good Battery ( Will be using it for a lot of talking). 2) FM Radio 3) Music Player. 4) Anything added is advantage. I know that a lot of phone are there in the market today ...
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    micromax andro a60 unofficial thread-root

    ok here is my question .. is there a easy way to set up the 3G connection ; many phones seems to have a problem with 3G/Gprs setup .. cos an Android phone is no use of me without 3G
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    A girly phone with in rs 4000

    i too wanted a phone under 5k for my mom , but how reliable is micromax ? what about its service centers ?
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    Best DVD writer?

    i m using Asus .. and so far in 2 years it has not given me any problems and i have wrote about 700 DVDs with it ... if u can get service of Asus at ur place .. u might opt for it .and mostly its 100/- more than other brands ..
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    Please Suggest a Good Overclocking Mobo ( with P/Q 45 Chipset)

    @rajkumar_pb .. where are u quoting these rates from ?
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    Advice on good PSU

    Even though its looking costly now but its very efficient and thus will save ur electricity bills and any harm to other computer components ... I have corsair vx 450 .. and it works amazingly fine ... Another thing is that there are two kinds of Power supply specification .. one is Peak Power...
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    Please Suggest a Good Overclocking Mobo ( with P/Q 45 Chipset)

    well i m already looking for a board .. and don't worry about heatsink .. i will buy once i decide the board
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    GTX 460 need a PSU

    GTX460 is power hog!! u will perhaps need a good 600W supply or corsair 550VX Power Consumption And Temperature : Nvidia GeForce GTX 460: The Fermi We Were Waiting For .. either don't buy that card or since u are looking for a professional card u could choose a quadro card / Fire GL card...
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    M/B For Prescott

    well first u have to find out if its LG775 socket ? cos Prescott came with an older socket too socket 476 ( I had one ) . If it is this Older socket then u will have a very hard time finding a motherboard for it.
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    Advice on good PSU

    Go for corsair ... it worth all the money .. and actually it gives u more power than 550W ... so u will never face power trouble ... for a graphics card ( OC'ed) and more hard disks and a Oc'ed CPU ... but i think u are not buying a graphics card ..so u can go for something lower too. In case u...
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    Advice needed for new 1TB HDD and UPS

    As i understand u are perhaps looking for which has a better support ; how was ur experience with seagate so far ? I don't know about Western Digital's support but seagate has so far worked for me. Moreover u have not mentioned which WD u are looking for caviar blue/green/black .. i think...
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    Please Suggest a Good Overclocking Mobo ( with P/Q 45 Chipset)

    hello people, I have a Core2Duo (2.53 GHz) and i m planning to overclock it, before u say anything about its being old and its overclocking capabilities, i know its old and has lesser overclocking potential than the newer Processors. So this out of purely academic interest that i want to...
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    Need Graphics Card

    I have a XFX 5200 in perfectly working condition . will sell u at 300/- if u want it its AGP .. working perfectly fine
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    Radeon 4850+CM 690+450 w PSU

    I have one Palit HD4850 ( with over 1 year and 3 months warranty left ) , the reason for selling is that i m planning to buy MSI HD 5850 .. and i willing to sell it of at 4000/- ( without post and handling charges ) and i am expecting that u pay those extra charges. If u are willing please...
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