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    WORKSTATION Review Help !!

    Please Suggest which config to BUY : HP Z820 workstation (also suggest how to configr a HP Z820 and how to buy it in Guwahati, Assam) and the one suggested below Processor - i7 3770K Motherboard- Asus Sabertooth Z77 GraphicsCard- Leadtek Quadro 4000 2GB Ram- G.skill Ripjaws...
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    SSD 180/200 GB - Suggest

    SSD 180/240/256 GB - Suggest I want to buy a SSD for my home setup.... It will be really helpful if someone suggest 1... Price should be moderate....
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    Monitor from 8k to 10k...

    Hi Guys.... I want to have a dual monitor setup... I already have a BENQ G2220HD a 21.5" monitor... So, I want suggestion guys shall i buy the same monitor or something else... and my card is Palit GTX 260...
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    PC Config for a TV CHANNEL

    Hi, i'm a Graphic Designer in a TV Channel...they want to buy a new system for Graphics Designing... Plz Suggest a config as according... Software to be used... 1. After Effects CS6 2. Photoshop CS6 3. Maya 2012 4. Premier Pro CS6
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    PC full config within 35k

    Want my a gaming pc within 35k including also the monitor & ups.. monitor preferred Samsung not less than 19", doesn't require sound system..Thanks
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    After Effects performance HELP

    This is my office pc config.. and i just want to know how can i set up after effects to get the maximum out of it, i know the ram is less for after effects but still.. Help me please.. I am using AE CS4 Motherboard: Rampage II Extreme Processor : Intel i7 920@ 2.67GHz Graphics : 2x...
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    Help Buying new RAM

    Hi, Guys I want to buy a new set of ram maybe 8GB(4GB each), as by looking at my config u see i have 2GB Kingstone DDR3 and i want to go for CORSAIR or GSKILL. I looked for CORSAIR Vengeance but i think it doesnt support amd processors, i dont know i looked in Corsair website, it says the...
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    UPS backup upto atleast 2hrs

    Hey guys...some1 plz suggest me a UPS that can provide backup of atleast 2hrs and price should be around 5k... Plz suggest....
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    Pc won't start-just blink

    I am Wrkng in Guwahati as a graphics designer, my office pc wouldn't start and after unplugging and plugging the power cable few time after 1 or 2 hrs it will start up.I think its a branded assembled pc of Raven cost 1.5 lakh... If I press the power switch it will just blink bt won't...
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    2GB & 4GB Ram will support or not

    I am using DDR 3 2GB ram of Kingston and i an planning to upgrade my ram to 6GB by buying 4GB ram will the two (2GB and 4GB) going to support or not.. Plz HELP....
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    Edit: Video File Properties

    I am using windows 7 and i cant change the properties of some video formates such as .rmvb. Actually i have a bunch of TV-Series and i want to edit them as "season", "episode" and so on, I have searched and downloaded a bunch of software like "File Property Edit Pro 3.51", "abcavi Tag Editor"...
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    PC confic in 40-45k without monitor,keyboard & mouse

    My frnd who stays in banglore wants to buy a pc without monitor,keyboard & mouse...in 40-45k.Plz some1 suggest some hardware.. Also suggest some pc dealears in banglore where i can buy. PC Build Request Template 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say...
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