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    Creative Zen - 4 GB - spare sales ?? Anywhere in India, Texas or SIngapore ??

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone would guide me to some kind of a store in the above mentioned places that sold spares to Creative products. My 4GB zen's display shattered when I met with a road accident and the services and support in Chennai and Bangalore and Mumbai say they would not import...
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    paypal dispute ??

    hello ppl, i have just a question. i want to know the procedure of raising a dispute in paypal. and how do i prove my side of the dispute. also, is there any time frame within which i need to file this dispute so that my money can be returned back to me ? help me guys, i lent one A** ***E some...
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    query on paypal !

    i had requested for a cheque on the 12th of this month and " cheque issued" message was seen on the 15th... its 26th today and nearly 2 weeks has gone by. how long will it take for the cheque to reach india ? some people here at TD seem to have got it in 10 days !! what steps should i take to...
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    help ! suggestion needed !!

    hi ppl.. digit has always helped me and i thank all members here for doing that! just that i have one more question. my budget is 7.5k and i don't want to spent even a 100 more. i m planning to get a good mobile and i ve narrowed down to 5300. any other suggestions ? the thing is i would like...
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    help !! paypal and VCC doubts

    hi guys.. i use paypal and i am planning to withdraw funds from it. but since this is the first time i'm withdrawing from it i m actually a little scared. so could use help and guidance from you ppl... the situation is this... 1. i'm an unverified member at paypal and so i recently attached a...
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    problem with broadmand ( mails )

    guys, i have bsnl broadband at home and for the first few weeks the broadband was great . Even now it is great except for this frustrating problem. i'm able to access my yahoo mail account and see the list of mails but am not able to open more than one mail per login session ( :mad: ) . my...
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    selling a PR4l ink

    guys... i won a contest and the prize awarded was a PR4 link ... its of no use to me as i don have any site of my own and i m willing to sell it for 3 months.... quote your prize... i m in a hurry to sell it ... so swiftness would help .... thanks
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    *.cso... how to open this file? which software?

    hello ppl... i downloadeed a game .. and after unzipping the folder i got a file with a " .cso " extension.... how do i open and install the game... what software has to be used... help me regards abinesh
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    usb not being detected by any pc !!

    hi guys.. i need help with this.. i had an usb (memorex ) and recently it had few trojans... i tried deleting them but of no use.. they did not allow files to be cpoied too.. so what i did was format it.. and from the next time i insert it into any pc its not getting detected ... what has...
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    whch one should i go for... samsung e250 or nokia 5200??

    ppl help! i m planning to get a mobile and after research i ve found that these 2 mobiles have features that i require and are wihin my budget as well... but the prob is i m mno t able to make up my mind btn these 2... should i go for a nokia which s reliable and known for its phones ( and...
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    recoding dvd?

    hello ppl, could anyone suggest a good sw for ripping dvd and the reqd codecs . i need one that can do the job " very well ". would be hapy if it was fast as well . recently i downloaded a dvd rip fom the net and it was 240 mb only(1h 40 min movie,gr8 quality and great sound ) but dono what...
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    doubt with dataone usage

    hi ppl, plz help me.. my friend gave me his username and pw . i need to use it from my pc. when i type in the username and pw as admin the site s not accepting them.what should i do?? how do i do it. and moreover i m not able to access ay of my mail accounts (yahoo,gmail,okut even) wat do i...
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    need help with my pc

    hi everyone ! i ve got this prob with my pc. it reboots often . sometimes when i scan my pc,when i try installing big sw,and sometimes without reason. i ve tried changing my os, scanned for virus ,even gone to tye extent of changing my motherboard but in vain. i would be glad if anybody could...
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