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    Which DVD Writer to buy?? Non-SATA

    Hey pals.. Long time and am back on the Digit forums. Well, am upgrading my PC and want to buy a brand new DVD Writer. My PC is a bit old and hence, don't need a SATA one. I had taken a Samsung DVD Writer (Build Sept 2008) but it couldn't read the AVI files on brand new Sony DVDs I burnt...
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    WinRAR files not opening...

    Hey guys... I have got a few .RAR files on my computer.. I have been operating on them from over a year and are password protected.. I last used them on the 1st of Jan perhaps.. Now, I can't open any of them although they have the same password.. Suddenly, none of these files are opening or...
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    FOlders in MOVIE dvds

    Hey I have got some VOB files and want to create a movie dvd.. What is the name of the folder in DVDs containing the VOB files.. Like MPEGAV for movie VCDs.
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    [Reinstall XP] How to save UPDATES downloaded from internet??

    Hello everyone... I need to format my hard disk and reinstall everything... Since, I am on a dial-up connexn, I can't sit again and watch as sooooooo many updates get downloaded AGAIN after I reinstall XP.... How can I save all the updated files in my current OS and again apply them when I...
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    Free DVDs/CDs on the web ! ! [UPDATED] (All links together)

    Well, the links that I compiled had taken me a lot of effort to find and put together.. And I doubt if there are some quality links anymore.. Anyways, Keep trying and ditto for me/./.
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    What are .MDF and .MDS files?

    Hi! Can you tell me what these extensions stand for? My friend dowloaded some software which have these extensions (I am almost sure that they are .MDF and .MDS) Plz tell me what to do with them... If they are used to write on to CDs or some form of archives, plz tell me the procedure to work...
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    Alt-Tab key combination NOT WORKING

    No..When I press Alt-Tab I can see the icons but cannot shuffle through them..Plz help..It just disappears the moment I leave Tab and gives me NO TIME to choose the program I wish 2 open.
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    Motorola C168

    Wel, I bought the W220 from Motorola with all the features of C168 and some additional features and believe me.. its loads better than C168.. Truly, awesome... I bought the black model BTW...
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    [Modem Problem] No dialing.. Please help..

    Well, I tried everything/.// Nothing seems to work.. I wonder what the problem is.. I mean the modem shows NO SIGNS of problems and yet no connection is being established.. I mean it does not dial at all...
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    Motorola C168

    How about W220 (MotoFlip) instead of the C168.. Priced at Rs 3990 and possessing all features of C168 and a FLIP phone that is stylish and more sturdier than C168.. Actually, even I am caught in the jumble of whether to buy C168 or W220.. plz help me..
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    Alt-Tab key combination NOT WORKING

    Hi! Actually, I have been noticing that I cannot use the Alt-Tab feature to go from one program to another. When I keep them pressed, it keep juggling between the programs open but I cannot change any program... I have WIN XP SP2 with the latest updates (though not updated since last one...
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    [Modem Problem] No dialing.. Please help..

    Hi! @gary4gar I Queried the modem and everytime it shows SUCCESS. I tried everything and even went to my the shop from where I bought the modem and they say there is no probs with the modem but they couldn't check its dialing 'coz NOR THEY NOR ANYBODY ELSE AROUND THEM HAS A LANDLINE. Anyways...
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    [Modem Problem] No dialing.. Please help..

    Hi! Everyone.. Well, I use a SmartLink 56 kbps Fax modem to conect to the internet. Actually, I stay away from home and use it only when I come home.. Nobody uses it in my absence. Few days back I left my PC working fine and no glitches in connecting or nay such stuff with a speed of around...
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    [Help] Win XP not Starting.. pci.sys missing

    @raysoni_r ... That was the first thing I had done.. Anyways, thanks sree_shan for the suggestion but the prob has solved by itself.. I just cut the file in LINUX and again pasted it @SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ and well, bingo!1 the PCs. hale and hearty.. Thank u everyone 4 yer help...
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    [Help] Win XP not Starting.. pci.sys missing

    The PC cannot start even in Safe Mode.. I tried all modes listed when we press F8.. which incl. Safe Mode in Command Prompt and Safe Mode in Networking.. BTW< @Vishal Gupta, How do I try a repair installation, when the Windows Setup Blue Screen doesnot show any activity or any options to...
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    [Help] Win XP not Starting.. pci.sys missing

    Hello everyone Could anyone please help me? OK. Let me explain the situation.. I was working on Win XP Home SP2 (original) and WMP was running in the background.. Suddenly, the computer hanged and the song which was being played stopped on one line which kept repeating and repeating and no...
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    Free DVDs/CDs on the web ! ! [UPDATED] (All links together)

    Come on yaar.. Register on this website.. Put in your name, address and order (DVD or CD) and click on SUBMIT... YOu are done... Or maybe DIGIT bundled the Gutenberg CD few months back.. Check it out.. >> Sid
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    How to run FLV video files?

    Hi! I got a few FLV video files that were embedded in Flash on the net. I saved them from the Temporary Internet Files folder but can't find a right player to run it.. Could you suggest a way out?? Please.... >> Siddhartha
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    [By Demand] Digit September 2006 DVD/CD

    Does anyone mind when a majority DIGIT subscribers shout SuSE ..Come on yaar.. For how long you will keep on postponing things.. It doesn't matter if you give a Linux distribution once in 3 or 4 months, but ensure this time around it is SuSE 10.1(full or the latest...
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    [Windows Explorer Prob.] Explorer opens each folder in a new window

    That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Arun [@sakumar79] for the solution..... Its worked.... Yiiiiiippppppeee!!!
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