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    Fat32 to NTFS on E drive only?

    Thanks for the replies. :) Taken from http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=14497 It seems it can be accessed from a Fat32 primary partition I think it can’t be accessed if you are using an OS like win98. I’m using XP sp2. Hopefully I’m correct Are there any other...
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    Windows doesn't start...

    Maybe it’s overheating I had that problem in the summers. Shouldn't happen now. Maybe if you live somewhere hot, you could try opening one side of the PC and then try to start it. However, if this has something to do with the hardware then how does it start in Safe Mode??
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    Fat32 to NTFS on E drive only?

    I have read all the posts about FAT32 to NTFS conversions. However I still have doubts I use Windows XP, I have 5 partitions on a 160 GB HD. C: 18.63 GB D: 33.12 GB E: 32.59 GB F: 32.96 GB G: 31.71 GB I want to make DVDs into ISOs on my computer and as you know FAT32 only allows 4GB...
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    AXN GamesMax: register at games2win.com

    They are saying nothing about that. Only thing they said was that only 12 people will be picked. :(
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    AXN GamesMax: register at games2win.com

    I saw the AXN GamesMax Gaming Championship Ad in TV I thought I’d let you guys know. :) register at www.games2win.com You can SMS GamesMax at 2525 for more information I hope nobody has posted about this before me as i'm always late. :(
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    Doom 3 - RoE Trailer

    Read this people: aceman has finished RoE 8 months before its release. :shock:
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    Doom 3 - RoE Trailer

    I found Doom 3 very hard. And at many places you already know where the monster will be and as far as I have gone in the game I found the area like Half Life 1 only better looking. What I mean is that the playing area is very small. (it might be long) So as some of you have played this game...
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    I think if they use strategy games, they would be easer to understand for people at home.
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    Can I play a PS2 game on PC?

    I ordered some games from the local dealer and what I got was PS2 games. Now he is not returning them. :( Is there a way to play these games on the pc? Please Help
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    First Game

    Mario was the best, others: contra and ice climber PC: Half Life 1
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    Far Cry 64Bit edition

    Thanks for the info. That gives me one more reason to buy far cry:D
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    Need For Speed Most Wanted Discussion

    I hope this time we can also play in the day, as racing in the night all the time gets kind of boring. (after some time)
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    Which games should I buy?

    Thanks you guys. You've been really helpful. I now have about 20 great games to pick from. :D btw, I'm new here. (However, I'm not new to digit, I've been reading it since 1998 )
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    Which games should I buy?

    Here you go. AMD64 2800 NVIDIA Gforce 5200: 256MB RAM: 512 MB HDD: 160GB CD drive: Sony 16x DVD, RW (48x CD) Windows XP SP2 So what kind of games can I play with this configuration?
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    Which games should I buy?

    Buying new games? Which do you think I should buy? I had stopped playing games (my pc's hardware coudn't keep up) so I don't know about new games. Since now I have brought a new pc, please tell me some of the best games I can buy. I have HL2 and NFS U2. :twisted:
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