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    gpu need

    i want to play all recent game in hd. My buget is 15k for gpu and psu. Plz suggest. My config is intel core i3 +intel mobo samsung 22" full hd monitor frontec 450w psu 500gb hdd 6 gb 1333 mhz ram
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    Psu confusion for gpu

    My config is core i3 prosy with 450w frontech psu. I want to buy a ati radeon hd 6770 gpu for my pc. But i can't find any 6pin gpu power conecter on my psu. So what can i do. Plz help me. Is my psu able to get the gpu.
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    [SOLVED]Making bootable dvd

    I downloaded an iso file of windows 7 but i cant understand how to make a bootable dvd of it using iso plz help me soon thanks
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    windows 8

    i have a desktop pc with config intel core i3 intel mb 2 Gb ram 500 gb hdd can i use windows 8 on my desktop?
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    windows media player problem

    how can i play .mov file(hd trailer given by digit) in windows media player? before 3 days .mov file open with windows media player(then my os was win7 ultimate 32 bit)but after installing win vista .mov file wont open with wmp.
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    windows 7 theme setup

    i have some windows 7 theme which i downloded from torrent but i am unable to use it. How can i use the theme for my pc. Plz help.
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    c2d pc under 20k

    I have a dell xps 15 but as my sister recently join a it coacing so that we urgently need a pc under 20k. Plz help us. Processor must be from intel.
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    queary about psu

    Is corsair vx 450 is enaugh for ati radeon hd6870. If i will buy hd6950 then what about the psu? If its not sufficient then plz mention(only corsair)
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    sandy bridge config

    hallo everyone, I am planning to buy a desktop only for my gaming exprience.My budget is 60k. Config is-> prossy->Intel core i5 2500k mboard->intel DP67BG RAM->2*2GB DDR3 1333MHZ corsair Hdd->Seagate 1TB 7200.12 Graphics card->XFX Radeon HD5850 Monitor->BenQ G2220HD Cabinet->Cooler...
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    old dell xps Vs new dell xps

    I want to know that what the difference between the old dell xps line and new dell xps line with SB?
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    need help to choose modem

    I am using a tata photon whiz for my net use but the monthly rental is prety high. The rental is 699 per month for unlimitad plan. As i want to use net 2-3 h per day so plz suggest me best modem for my use. I am from kolkata so suggest me for my spot. Plz mention the modem price and plan...
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    Quary about game adding

    1st time I downloaded a pc game from rapid share link which has 31 part.but I cant understand how can i add the 31 part of the game and burn it in a DVD and install it. Plz help me giving some solutiom. Is there any software which can do this adding? Plz replay.
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    Dell XPS 14 QUARY

    Hello Everyone, My sister recently bought a Dell XPS 14 lappy.Its configuration is-Intel Core i7 prossy,4 GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM,500 GB 7200RPM HDD,WIN7 HP,2GB NVIDIA Geforce GT425M Graphics. My question is,is she able to play game(badcompany2,fear2 etc.)in this laptop in high settings. And she...
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    Dual boot question for netbook

    I have a Hcl netbook and want to buy a dell mini 10.so is there any methode to install win xp sp3 in the netbook beside the win7 starter from any external dvd writer?if any methode any one know then plz replay me.thanks
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    question about netbook os

    I'm planning to buy dell mini 10 with dos os. Am I able to install win xp on it from external dvd writer?
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    Netbook Query

    I am planning to buy a netbook(think to buy aser aspire one happy) but i feel a problem that i can't see any optical drive(like cd/dvd drive)in the netbook.plz suggest me to fix this problem.
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    New Dell xps 15 laptop

    This November Dell will launce its new line Dell xps 15.I get the details about xps 15 from dell website.New xps come with nvidia geforce GT420 Graphics card.I want to know something about gpu before order it.is it able to play crisis,badcompany 2. Is there any beter option for me? My budget...
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    help to purchase a laptop in kolkata

    hello everyone,plz help me to buy a msi gx740 laptop in kolkata.plz tell me the address,from where i can buy this laptop?plz give me the price details of the laptop in kolkata.is it able to play mass effect 2 with its 5870 gpu?plz help me. Thanks in advance.
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    question about game?

    I bought a new pc on monday with this forum advice and the config is- P-Core i5 750 Mobo-MSI P55-CD53 RAM-2*2 GB 1333MHZ DDR3 GPU-MSI HD5750 1GB HDD-SEAGATE 1TB 7200.12 MONITOR-BENQ G2220HD SPEAKER-ALTEC LANSING VS2421 PC-CASE-ZEBRONICS ANTIBIOTIC PSU-CORSAIR VX450W I am a big lover of...
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    question about psu

    I am plannin to buy a quad core desktop.my config is- P-Quad core Q8300, MOBO-MSI P43T-C51, Ram-2+2 GB DDR2 800MHZ, GPU-Sapphire Radeon HD5750 1GB DDR5, HDD-Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB, MONITOR-SAMSUNG 2233SW PC CASE-ZEBRONIC ANTIBIOTIC. But I cant understand,what psu I can use for...
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