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    Microsoft Windows 8 AppFest in India on Sept. 21-22

    Source : Microsoft Windows 8 AppFest in India on Sept. 21-22 aims for a Guinness World Record. Microsoft India is organizing the world’s largest App Fest for Windows 8 kicking off on Sept. 21-22, 2012 in Bangalore aiming to make Guinness World Record. It will be an open event to the global...
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    Uninstalling windows 8

    tips to help you install windows 8 in a virtual machine
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    Windows 8x9

    7. windows 8 professional+ edition this one is an addition to the usual sku's source:Windows 8 Consumer Preview references 'Professional Plus' edition
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    C/C++ Calender

    Thanks for liking to all hey please post your reviews on my sourgeforge project page also... And all the developers outta there please review the code(source) :mario-run::mario-run::mario-run::mario-run::mario-run::mario-run::mario-run:
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    C/C++ Calender

    YEah Wiil surely add in the next Update
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    windows 8

    yeah man go for it !!!! i've got Intel dual core E2180 2Ghz 2 Gb or RAM and ATi Radeon HD 5570 and THE windows 8 developer preview boots in just 7sec but better wait for the beta, hope its released in the next month..
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    C/C++ Calender

    username:shivam password:cool Thanks mates for liking @fz8975 I didn't compiled the icon with it:-| Will do it soon KEEp Posting!!:-)
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    C/C++ Calender

    Hi guys/Developers/programmers/and folks I created a C C++ Calender Program It is currently hosted on sourceforge @ C C++ Calender The program has a USERNAME:shivam and a password:cool It is a simple c++ program to do almost all the functions that a calender is used for.The program has...
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    Intel tries to fool people at CES and gets caught :D

    Rofl A F1 video~~~~A new technology i'was just video playing in VLC
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